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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Neptune, Dec 19, 2015.

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  1. Discuss your thoughts on the latest addition to the Star Wars saga. Rate the movie if you have seen it. Talk about things you hope to see if you have not seen it.


  2. Motherfuckers! You never used this yet? Thank You Neptune for making this.

    Anyway.... it really served justice to Star Wars, the sequel trilogy has a bright future working off this movie now. I actually called Kyo Ren being Han and Leia's son, i'm also assuming that Rey is secretly the twin of Ren who was put on Jaku by her parents after her brother destroyed Luke's jedi school. Somehow Rey's memory was erased when she was a girl on that knowledge. The kid Han talked out that turned on Luke when he was training a new jedi order is either Kyo or Snoke. But there is a better chance Snoke is Darth Plaguies who was so one with the dark side he was able to come back to physical form after being killed by Sidious.

    I also a lot of tribute to the Star Wars Episode IV movie in there, a droid running away with important details, a kid in a desert in the middle of nowhere, a person getting rescued by an individual looking like a storm trooper (or in this case, is a storm trooper). A super weapon destroying a planet (or this time PLANETS, showing Starkiller was more powerful than the Death Star with it's ability to take multiple targets), and a shocking death, this time Han, who I really didn't wanna see die like that, but it made the movie even better.

    Now the predictions for Episode 8 are hard, because you can't expect a tribute to Episode V, using this something way different will be made for the sequel. What was stated was The First Order was unknown in numbers for they lurk in a zone in the galaxy that is primarily undiscovered, I would like to see a shocker where The First Order secretly has about 3 more Starkillers built, and likely we will see the death of Leia in the next episode. Luke will reveal who Rey really is and we will get a better look at the Knights of Ren, we saw them in Rey's vision, but not in real movie time yet, they are definitely being saved for the next movie.

    But great movie, 5 stars, can't wait for Rogue One this year and Episode VIII the next year
  3. I thought it was awesome. I've read that Rey might be the daughter of Obi Wan.
  4. Liked it a lot. The only thing I don't like about this and a lot of other movies these days is the fact that they know there will be sequels. That means unlike episode there were too answered questions for my liking. Also thumbs down to Poe, guys trying too hard to come off as cool, IMO failed miserably. Everything else thumbs up especially Luke's beard :phew:
  5. I liked Poe, he was awesome, and i don't mind sequels if its Star Wars
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