Stardust vs Stephen Amel pt.II

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Jan 19, 2016.

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  2. You girls are being exta pouty as of late, good lord. Rhodes at WM in a match is great, and Arrow being back is dope also, WWE could use the star power and the match wasn't awful last time.

    FFS fill your cups back to half full at least for the royal rumble, then go back to chaffed asses after when you are ultimately disappointed.
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  3. Amell was quite impressive at Summerslam last year athletically speaking, but seeing a continuation of the feud between he and Stardust does little to interest me. Meh.
  4. I'm not interested because I do not follow Amell or have ever seen his TV show, so I do not care for him. Also I think it sucks for Stardust that Amell will most likely get a clean victory over him. A son of a legend who has been Wrestling probably all of his life vs some actor.

    It would be fun if they got the Miz involved :really:
  5. True A-listers like The Miz don't hang out with rookies. :otunga:
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  6. "WWE is so thin for WM - they really need some celebrity star power!! Steven Amell? He put on a great showing? Meh"

    You want to see a Meh product go back and watch TNA or look at the LD's. This is a good thing for WWE, Cody Rhodes fans, as well as casuals. Get a fucking grip.
  7. I don't watch The Arrow, so why should I give a fuck about Stephen Amell? And I saw all I needed to see between he and Stardust last year, thank you. It's not even like I'd hate seeing him on the show, it's just not enough to get me all amped up and excited either.

    If you want the type of celebrity attention that's gonna really draw in the casuals, get someone like Bieber, Mayweather, McGregor (yeah, Dana White wouldn't allow it any more so than he would allow Ronda Rousey to compete, just saying), or someone like that, not Stephen Amell.
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  8. You aren't casual nor do you represent the majority of people WWE are trying to get to watch Wrestlemania. Bieber ffs!? MAYWEATHER!!!? ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE? I don't expect you to get amped or excited for it, but at least it'll be a good mid/lowcard feud and will make for a decent WM match.

    It could be a grip worse, i'm just tired of every single thread here filled with straight lolshit. We get what people want to see, but let's be adults and face the facts. DB is buried, HHH or Reigns are the only ones able to win, and that shouldnt stop guys like Y2J from claiming they can win the RR. Everyone in the fucking roster claims it, WWE doesn't cater to our bullshit.
  9. Justin Bieber would be more interesting than Stephen Amell. Even Machine Gun Kelly on Raw was more interesting then Stephen Amell, and all he did was perform some shitty song and get powerbombed, but it was hilarious.

    And everyone has the right to be negative and discuss their opinion on here because WWE has been giving us straight shit lately so it's haRd to remain optimistic
  10. When all you do is post in threads consistently complaining about the same things while praying for the near impossible, it becomes redundant and pointless. You can post about it all you want, how many times have I complained in the other countless threads on all the pouting?

    MGK was only due to the powerbomb, otherwise he was pointless. Amell had a great match IMO for what I expected. WWE needs to pull out as many stops as possible, and this is at least a safe option to get a different fanbase back interested at least for the short term.
  11. Fine with this happening. Can't think of many better options to do at WM tbh
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  12. Thanks buddy, I could use that help.
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  13. MGK vs Owens ought to happen, Kill Owens Kill.
  14. Yeah, I'm aware WWE doesn't exclusively cater to me, thanks for the enlightenment. This doesn't mean I have to like Amell. And bringing in someone the likes of Bieber would be pretty smart on their part given he's an A-List celebrity and is a pretty damn good heat magnet to boot. Guaranteed publicity as well as genuine dislike from (most of) the audience. Win-win.

    Uh, plenty? I've seen you complain along with the rest of the herd here when it comes to a countless number of things. And complaining about others complaining only piles on.

    From what I gather you're one of those strange type of people who hate on the product when it dissatisfies you, but then go into full defense mode when someone hates on something you actually like as if somehow you aren't one of the typical negative nancies the other 98% of the time.
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  15. This is the first thread in a long while I've called out all the whining. I am a negative nancy, but when I don't like the shit I don't watch it, it's that simple. You don't have to like anything, but Amell being able to compete vs Bieber doing what, get shit on by the crowd the second he starts talking?

    I don't disagree that they would work, but I don't get the hate from people asking for Rhodes, Sandow, etc to get pushed bitching about him having a WM feud to keep his ass on the card, it's that simple.
  16. Well like I said, I won't hate him being there, his role just isn't enough to psyche me up either. Stardust not having a Wrestlemania match was one of the least biggest concerns for this year's show, really.
  17. One of your, and I wasn't talking to you in the first place. I was addressing the others hating, I am sure this is great practice for your White Knight campaign though, so there is always that to take home.
  18. I actually did mean to type "my" instead of "the" in that second sentence, so for once, you're right. *Golf Clap*

    No comment about the white knight stuff.
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