Stars/Celeb you met?

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  1. Outside of Wrestlers who have you met from TV, Film, Sports, interesting to see if anyone here met anyone famous.My Father had me go to work one day with him, because he worker was sick, so I knew I would get paid, so I said yeah.We went to a house, and who do we meet?Bam Margera yes, Bam from Viiva La Bam,and Jackass.I helped him put purple Carpet in his basement, as I met Vito, Dunn who passed away, his Mother and Father.Such nice people, so long ago..I also met Kyle Korver, former Sixer player, believe now with the Bulls.What about you guys? Oh watch the vid my Dad's work was on MTV Cribs, it's towards the end with purple carpet in the basement, horrible color, but the customer is always right,lol.

  2. I met Demigod (a band) and a few other band members at some festival I went to a couple years ago. Hardly "celebrities", since no one gives a shit about them, but I marked. They're one of my favorite bands. They were around in the early/mid 90's but then disbanded, they reunited to play some live shows (the fest I went to was their *only* US show), so yeah, it was great. They even gave me some Vodka, which was pretty badass
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    I'm hoping to meet Ross Dolan (from Immolation) tomorrow :yay:
    I'll mark pretty hard.
    Sexi motherfucker <3
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    Love his little speech about Jeff/Slayer. Fuck yeah.
  4. I've met myself, I'm my own megastar.
  5. Forever alone ^^^

    Ive met various football players
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