Stars of X - 08/09/2012

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    Stars Of X this Saturday will be live in Quebec City, Canada at the Colisée Pepsi. Three weeks away from the anticipated 2nd Stars Of X Only PPV, Breakdown things look to heat up:

    Luis Aggro

    Luis Boden was hit with An Uranage by Phreak who was his tag team partner that costed them both the match, he was then assualted by Iron Baba and Mike Silva who wanted to send a statement to their opponents at Breakdown. That will not go unforgotten by the Federation X Champion

    Butch Bones vs Mike Silva

    As Bones Brothers face Mike Silva & Iron Baba for the Stars Of X Tag Team Championship, The younger brother of the Tag Team Champions will face "The Mastermind" Mike Silva one on one live on Stars Of X​

    Two Matches for Breakdown

    Live on Stars Of X, we will have two more matches that will be confirmed for Breakdown, who will face who?​

    Ryo Akita is Back!

    Fresh off his victory from Summer Bash, Ryo Akita returns tonight and will be in action​

    New Star?

    Federation X look to have a new star signed, we may see something for him tonight. Who will it be?​

    Alex Kidd Speech

    We will hear from the Internet Champion, the Federation X News Team predicts he will call out Vinnie Rose for a 4th match. If that is the case, will Vinnie Rose score his fourth consecutive victory over the champion​


    - Most posts on this thread by Friday will receive reputation
    - Posts must be in relation to the content in this post. You may comment as your character's twitter on this.
    - (This will be a weekly contest so rep will go out weekly)

    Quality commentator
    - Best post on this thread, showcasing history from previous weeks and comes to a good evaluation on each segment will receive reputation


    News Team: If you want to get more involved, but don't really fancy yourself writing matches. Perhaps you could join the Federation X News Team run by Y2J Enigma. You would post your thoughts on each segment, your power 5 of the night, your top superstar and predictions for the show. The news is independent of Creative so please get in contact with Y2J, but do post here if you would be interested as it is new to Federation X

    Stars Of X Position: Asskicker decided to leave the Creative team as he had things going on in his life, due to this a writing position is available. Please contact me ASAP if you want to become a writer

    Write your own promos: Stars Of X are now allowing people to write promos for their characters, this will happen after Breakdown airs, This however will be for those avid readers and those who tweet often as their characters.

    Feedback Wanted: This is a new thing we are adding to Stars Of X, We hope this will spark discussion here on Stars Of X, and make people more excited for Stars Of X.

    Backstage Activity: Backstage activity has been very well, and if there is a lot more Federation X will get a section for it. Twitters we have noticed people post status updates, but we want to encourage more usage.
    • Tweet on your twitter about Stars Of X and what you read here, expresing their opinions and such
    • Discussion, Stars Of X are now having discussion topics you can discuss, by posting as your character and their opinions on it in #SOX thread
    • Twitter Wars: The more wars we see between Stars, the more we will read and possibly quote the posts for shows, and make matches to settle these Twitter Wars

    TNT Territory: TNT is set to begin after Breakdown, however there is only one writer for it, which means shows may not be able to produce every week, if you wish to be a Writer, but not for big shows, then we welcome you to write.

    Feedback or Proposals: Stars Of X are always accepting Feedback to give you more interactivity with your character and improve the show. Please post them in the new thread: Click Here
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    What are your thoughts of Saturday's card? Discussion begin. Most posts gets rep (weekly thing Stars Of X is doing) and the best evaluation of the card gets rep also
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