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    [size=x-small][align=left]Episode: 24
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    Summer Bash
    • Saturn defeated Johnny Hernandez in title match to retain X-Championship.
    • Mike Silva and Iron Baba vs Bones Brothers at Breakdown. Luis and Phreak lost to Baba & Silva due to Luis knocking Apollo off the apron and resulting in Phreak hitting Luis with Urange
    • Vinnie Rose defeated Alex Kidd for a third time
    • Hans defeated Ronny Williams

    Alex Kidd selects an Opponent

    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]The lights begin to dim, sparks begin to emerge from the floor, fireworks begin to light up the arena as they boom out from the “X” positioned tubes in front of the titantron.

    A feeling of excitement and anticipation rushes through the arena as Saturday Night Stars of X begins! [/size]

    Josh: Welcome everybody to stars of X! We are here at the Colisée Pepsi in Quebec City, Canada, our final stop on Stars Of X's Canadian tour and I am Josh Fordezski with my partner Michael Donovan!

    Michael: Thanks Josh it is time for Stars of X

    [size=x-small]*Alex Kidd's theme hits*

    *Crowd boo*

    Alex Kidd eventually walks out wearing black knee pads, black elbow pads, black boots and black trunks with Kidd printed on the back and the Internet Championship on his waist, and raises his arm as pyro goes off behind him

    Josh: Here comes the Internet Champion, Alex Kidd, I do hope he doesn't call out Vinnie Rose for a fourth match

    Michael: In the past few weeks Vinnie Rose has defeated Alex Kidd and there is much speculation as to whether he can defeat Vinnie Rose.

    [size=x-small]Alex slowly walks to the ring, scaling the steel steps and steps through the ropes. He stands in the middle of the ring raising his arms again before being handed a mic[/size]

    Josh: I wonder what Kidd is here for?

    Alex Kidd: So looks like Vinnie Rose was able to beat me last week. But as Breakdown approaches, I need an opponent for my title defence

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Alex Kidd: I am now going to announce my opponent for my Internet Championship,

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Chant "Vinnie Rose"*[/size]

    Alex Kidd: No, it will not be Vinnie Rose, my opponent will be PuffPuffPass! Come on down Puff

    Michael: Isn't Puff Warzone talent?

    Josh: I believe he is

    [size=x-small]*Robert J Smiths Theme Hits*

    *Crowd Pop*

    Josh: I don't believe that is PuffPuffPass, that is our GM

    [size=x-small]Robert J Smith walks out with a mic in hand[/size]

    Robert J Smith: Alex Kidd, you have lost on 3 occasions, sorry 3 consecutive occasions to LA Party Boy Vinnie Rose

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Robert J Smith: PuffPuffPass cannot challenge for the championship, as he is on Warzone, so instead at Breakdown, Vinnie Rose vs Alex Kidd in either a 2 out of 3 falls match as suggested by Vinnie Rose, or a 10 minute time limit match as suggested by Alex Kidd. Have a good night everyone

    [size=x-small]Smith walks backstage as Kidd kicks the ropes in anger before exiting the ring[/size]

    Josh: Alex Kidd didn't want to face Vinnie Rose and now he has to. Vinnie Rose wants 2 out of 3 falls, Kidd wants a 10 minute match, and it is up to you the fans to decide. Post 10-Minute Time for a 10 minute match between Rose and Kidd

    Michael: Or Post 2 Out Of 3 Falls for a 2 out of 3 falls match for the Internet Championship

    Josh: Ladies and gentlemen still to come tonight, one half of the Tag Team Champions, Butch Bones against one half of their opponents at Breakdown, Mike Silva


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    Butch Bones vs Mike Silva

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    [size=x-small]Mike Silva's theme hits

    *Crowd boo*

    Silva walks out wearing jean shorts that cover the knee, black knee pads and black wrestling boots. Also wearing white elbow pads and white wrist tapes.

    Mark Chivel: The following match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 235lbs, Mike Silva

    Michael: Mike Silva, the mastermind, tonight has the opportunity to pick up a win over a tag champion

    Josh: True but this isn't a tag match, this is a one on one match Michael

    Michael: All I am saying is if Silva gets a win, he has momentum heading into his tag team match

    [size=x-small]Silva walks down to the ring with a smug look on his face, he walks up the stairs and into the ring[/size]

    Josh: Mike Silva and Iron Baba now under control on Stars Of X, the attacks have stopped

    Michael: Stopped, did you see what they did to our champion last week?

    [size=x-small]Silva stands in the middle of the ring ignoring the fans[/size]

    Josh: Mike Silva and Iron Baba teamed well in the Extreme Rumble

    Josh: And I think Iron Baba and Silva are the competition, Hans and Masked Machine cannot compete due to injury, and Clash Of Styles can no longer compete due too the brand split, but those two, I think they are the best tag team

    [size=x-small]*Bones Brother's theme hits*

    *Major Crowd Pop*

    Dark red lights fill the arena as white smoke fills the stage. Butch walks through the smoke wearing black tights with a long rectangle design and a border made of bones. Within the rectangle is his name, formed by boneswith black elbow pads, this has a red wire pattern on each. Also wearing black boots with white laces and a black T-Shirt reading Bones Brothers for Life

    Mark Chivel: From Toronto, Canada. Weighing in at 175 lbs, Butch Boonneeess!

    [size=x-small]Butch turns around at the end of the ramp, and shoots the stage with his hand, as Pyro goes off." He then high fives the fans as he makes his way to the announcetable where he high fives Josh and climbs the turnbuckle where he beats his chest[/size]

    Josh: Good Luck dude

    Michael: You've been a fan of theirs since their debut

    Josh: Not just me, the fans here in Canada cheering on their Canadian Tag Team wrestler, Butch Bones

    Michael: Butch Bones, is the one who tends to result to high flying moves and is no stranger to the top rope, he will have to use his speed if he wishes to win

    [size=x-small]Butch jumps down into the ring[/size]

    Josh: Butch vs Silva, major weight difference, will be interesting as to who this match plays out

    Silva offers a handshake, Butch shakes and Silva delivers a gut kick to Butch

    Michael: Silva taking advantage of the naive Butch

    Silva then applies a front face lock

    Josh: Silva delivers a kick to the mid-section looking for a DDT

    Silva delivers a DDT to Butch who topples over, Silva covers. The referee counts

    Josh: Mike Silva with that vicious DDT, he could have broke his neck

    Butch kicks out

    Silva picks up Butch and delivers a gut kick to Butch and applies a front face-lock, Silva lifts Butch up and plants him with a facebuster

    Michael: Silva with a Curtain Call Facebuster to Butch, those type of moves take their toll on you

    Silva hits an elbow drop and covers Butch, the referee counts

    Butch kicks out

    Josh: Butch still kicks out

    Silva pulls Butch up and whips him at the rope, Butch rebounds and delivers a running dropkick to Silva

    Josh: Butch now taking some offense

    Butch applies a side headlock to Silva, he then runs at the ropes and springs off the them and delivers a bulldog to Silva

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Butch goes to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top rope, Silva springs to his feet and delivers a right hand to Butch knocking him groggy on the top rope

    Silva climbs to the top rope and locks in a front face lock as both men stand on the top rope, Silva then lifts Butch and hits a superplex on Butch

    [size=x-small]*Crowd pop*[/size]

    Michael: Mike Silva with a superplex, that move does damage to both men

    Silva hooks the leg of Butch, the referee covers

    Butch kicks out

    Josh: Still not enough

    Silva stalks Butch as he gets to his feet, he then applies a olymic slam clutch and lifts hitting an Olympic slam

    [size=x-small]*Crowd pop*[/size]

    Michael: Mike Silva put some power behind that move

    Silva picks up Butch and applies a gut-wrench clutch

    Josh: Mike Silva looking to possibly end the match with a gut-wrench powerbomb

    Silva lifts Butch into a hijack clutch and then drops him, clutching the neck and hits a gutwrench neckbreaker

    Michael: Silva hits the Gutwrench neckbreaker this match could be over!

    Mike Silva covers Butch, the referee counts

    The referee calls for the bell

    [size=x-small]Mike Silva's theme hits

    *Crowd boo*

    Silva stands up and the referee raises his arm.

    Mark Chivel: Here is your winner, Mike Silva!

    Michael: Mike Silva getting the win here, big win on the tag team champions

    Josh: Mike Silva with that gutwrench neckbreaker, the size and weight advantage too much for Butch tonight

    [size=x-small]Silva rolls outside and begins to walk up the ramp[/size]

    Josh: Mike Silva picks up the victory tonight, but what do you fans think. Who do you think will win at Breakdown.

    Michael: Post Baba & Silva if you think Iron Baba and Silva can win it or Post Bones Brothers if you think Bones Brothers, the current champions will win it,

    [size=x-small]*Cuts to commercials*[/size]


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    Luis meets with Smith backstage

    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]The camera pans backstage to Luis walking into Robert J Smith's office[/size]

    Luis: Smith what the hell was that last week, letting those two guys smash me up! I am the champion

    Robert J Smith: I know Luis, however Apollo was the one who picked those opponents, although perhaps if you hadn't knocked Phreak off the apron like you did two weeks ago with Apollo, you would have won the match

    Luis: You know my history with Phreak, people without a brain could have seen him jumping me, and yet you booked it

    Robert J Smith: Ok, I'll tell you what, Apollo and Phreak are going to tag tonight, and as you were attacked last week, I'll award you the same treatment, you can have the night off and pick the opponents for Apollo

    Luis: Well, since the title match is coming up. I know who exactly can deal some damage and who should team with him

    [size=x-small]Luis walks round to Smith's desk and points at the computer sreen[/size]

    Josh: Ladies and gentlemen, who will Luis pick, Post in the discussion who do you believe Luis will pick of the Stars Of X roster to face Apollo & Phreak

    [size=x-small]Cuts to commercials[/size]


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    Ryo addresses Extreme Rumble

    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]Ryo Akita's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Ryo emerges from the curtain very energetically wearing MMA gloves, white shorts with The Lightening Dragon on them with white wrestling boots. He bows to the audience on the center of the stage. He then walks down the ramp

    Mark Chivel: From Tokyo, Japan weighing in at 195lbs, Ryo Akita

    Josh: Here comes the Extreme Rumble winner

    [size=x-small]Ryo walks down the ramp smiling at the young fans in the crowd, he walks up the stairs and into the ring.[/size]

    Michael: Ryo Akita battled 14 other superstars, we saw blood, weapons and through it all Ryo Akita won and he will face the champion at Immortality

    [size=x-small]He stands in the ring and points to the roof, triggering blue pyro to go off on the stage[/size]

    Josh: Ryo Akita has got that match, he has had championship matches in the past, but finally he gets that one on one match he wants and it doesn't get bigger than Immortality

    Ryo Akita: Hello Canada

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Ryo Akita: Thank you, I am glad to be here. Man winning the Extreme Rumble does leave you hurting. But I am the winner, throught the blood, sweat and tears I finally won the match and now I get to face the Federation X Champion at Immortality!

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Ryo Akita: December will be the time for celebrating as I am going to win the Federation....

    [size=x-small]Johnny Hernandez's Theme hits

    *Crowd pop*

    he lights go off for about 4 seonds. Fireworks shoot up from the stage. Johnny Hernandez jumps up from the stage and soaks up the fans reaction wearing a medium dark red hat with the bill facing backwards, faded green/blue jeans with an embedded Biohazard symbol in the back of his pants, a spiked belt, medium/dark red and black high tops on, with black shoelaces and low-cut socks.

    Mark Chivel: From San Diego, California, weighing in at 163lbs, Johnny "Aftershock" Hernandez

    Josh: Ladies and Gentlemen here comes Hernandez, last week he was unsuccessful in winningthe X-Championship

    Michael: But if you recall before the Rumble these two had a little rivalry

    [size=x-small]Aftershock then walks to the ring, where he climbs the turnbuckle and does a 720 flip dismount landing on his feet.[/size]

    Josh: Woah! Nice flip there

    [size=x-small]Johnny grabs a mic from the stage hand[/size]

    Hernandez: I'd first like to say congratulations Ryo on your win at Summer Bash, and I am not out here to say I should have won, instead I am out here to remind you, we never got to fight it out like we planned at Summer Bash, so I asked Smith and we have 3 matches Ryo, one next week, one at Breakdown and one right now

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop as a referee runs down the ramp*[/size]

    Michael: Hernandez vs Akita round 1 right now Josh?

    [size=x-small]The referee calls for the bell[/size]

    Hernandez and Akita circle each other before locking up in a collar and elbow tie up, Both men drop to a knee and Ryo locks in a side-headlock, Ryo then stands up and switches to a rear armbar on Hernandez

    Josh: Ryo winning the tie up and goes to work on the arm

    Ryo releases the arm and applies a side-headlock to Hernandez again, Hernandez punches the gut of Ryo, Ryo releases and attempts to lock in an armbar, Hernandez rolls out of the hold and springs to his feet, Ryo then delivers a gut kick to Hernandez

    Michael: Hernandez rolls through, but still to come tonight, Phreak and Apollo tag to face two mystery opponents chosen by the Federation X Champion, Luis Boden

    Josh: Correct Michael, Luis attacked last week by Mike Silva and Iron Baba, so he will not be in action this week

    Ryo pushes Aftershock at the ropes then whips him and quickly hits an arm drag to Hernandez, Ryo and Hernandez both quickly get to their feet, Hernandez then runs at Ryo who leapfrogs over Hernandez then rolls onto his back as Hernandez rebounds and hits a leaping summersault over Ryo

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Josh: So far tonight we have had Mike Silva beat one half of the tag team champions, Butch Bones and we have another match for Breakdown Michael, Vinnie Rose vs Alex Kidd for the Internet Championship.

    Ryo and Hernandez quickly get to their feet and run at one another, Ryo delivers a shoulder block to Hernandez, knocking him to the mat

    Michael: Big shoulder block there by Ryo

    Ryo picks Hernandez up and whips him against the ropes, Hernandez rebounds, Ryo goes for a clothesline, however Hernandez ducks and runs at the ropes, he jumps and springboards hitting a crossbody on Ryo, he covers, the referee counts

    Josh: Hernandez with a cover!

    Ryo kicks out

    Hernandez picks up Ryo and whips him at the ropes, Ryo counters by holding on to the arm and spins under the arm, he then pulls Hernandez closer to him and delivers a gut kick to Hernandez

    Michael: Nice reversal by Ryo there

    Ryo then stands at the side of Hernandez and delivers a roundhouse kick to his gut and then a left roundhouse kick to the back of his legs, he then hits a right roundhouse to the gut and then a left roundhouse kick to the back of Hernandez's legs, Ryo then jumps and delivers a spinning roundhouse kick directly to the head of Hernandez, knocking him to the mat

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Josh: Those kicks from Ryo, one after another, vicious shots

    Ryo drops to his knees and covers Hernandez, the referee counts

    Hernandez gets a shoulder up

    Josh: Hernandez quickly gets a shoulder up

    Ryo picks up Hernandez and pushes him at the ropes and then whips him into the ropes, Hernandez rebounds and Ryo lifts him up into an Oklahoma clutch, Ryo then drops to his knees hitting a gutbuster to Hernandez who rolls off the shoulders of Ryo clutching his gut

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Michael: Ryo with a gutbuster to Hernandez, all the impact concentrated on the mid-section of Hernandez

    Ryo then drops and elbow drop to Hernandez's back, Hernandez crawls over to the ropes where Ryo hits a roundhouse kick to Hernandez's back

    Josh: Ryo staying on the offensive with those kicks

    Ryo picks up Hernandez and whips him at the ropes, Hernandez grabs hold off the ropes and then hits a boot to the face as Ryo approaches him

    Michael: Hernandez with a boot to the head

    Hernandez then runs at Ryo, locks in a headscissors hold then flips Ryo over with a headscissors takeover

    Hernandez then lifts Ryo up and applies a front face-lock, he then places the inside arm of Ryo over his head and lifts Ryo up and flips him over planting him to the mat with a suplex

    Josh: Hernandez with a suplex!

    Hernandez keeps the hold and spins his hips roll onto his knees and Ryo on his knees, both men get to their feet and Hernandez lifts Ryo up and over onto the mat again with another suplex

    Josh: Hernandez with a 2nd suplex!

    Hernandez retains the hold, spins his hips and pulls Ryo up to his feet. Hernandez then lifts Ryo up and over, hitting a third suplex

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Michael: Hernandez with the third suplex

    Hernandez then scales to the top ropes

    Josh: Hernandez going up top!

    Hernandez leaps off completing a 360 spin and lands with a leg drop, Ryo however rolls out the way

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Michael: Hernandez going for a leg drop, but it costed him, he caught nothing but mat

    Ryo gets to his feet and then stalks Hernandez as he gets up clutching his leg, Ryo then delivers a superkick to Hernandez knocking him to the mat

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Josh: Ryo Akita with a Lightning Dragon kick to the head!

    Ryo lies back and hooks the leg, the referee counts

    The referee call for the bell

    [size=x-small]Ryo Akita's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop*

    Ryo stands up as the referee raises his arm

    Mark Chivel: Here is your winner, Ryo Akita!

    Josh: Great match between these two, Ryo the stronger opponent tonight beats Hernandez, but we still have two more bouts for these two, one next week and one at Battle Lines

    Michael: But coming up next, Tag Team action, Phreak and Apollo vs two mystery opponents. Who will it be, Post in the discussion and tell us who

    [size=x-small]Cuts to commercials[/size]


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    A New Star on Stars Of X

    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]Camera cuts to a dark gym with a man sitting facing the corner with short brown hair, incredibly muscular, and numerous names down his back. He is wearing black three quarter MMA shorts and black trainers[/size]

    Man: Hunger is what drives a man to deranged things

    [size=x-small]A cut of him punching a fan fades in and out[/size]

    Man: Power then masks the mind

    [size=x-small]A shot of him locking in a triangle hold on an opponent rapidly flickers in and out[/size]

    Man: And when hunger and power combine, the man is no more than a wrecking ball, and what is left behind is destruction

    [size=x-small]*Rage Against The Machine - Renegades of Funk kicks in*

    Shots of the man in a strickforce octagon hitting a powerslam on an opponent, followed by a cut to him locking in a fujiwara armbar

    Man: Hunger feeds me

    [size=x-small]Shots of him hitting spears on various opponents cut in followed by a cut to a newspaper headline reading "UFC Terminates new star". Camera then cuts in a clothesline shot, knocking the opponent out[/size]

    Man: Power is my weapon

    [size=x-small]Shots of the man delivering a series of right hands to a blooded opponent then referees and security pulling him off the opponent[/size]

    Man: I am the wrecking ball...

    [size=x-small]Shot of the man hitting a jackknife powerbomb in a Federation X Development Territory ring[/size]

    Man: I am Brent Nixon

    [size=x-small]Screen fades to black and cuts to commercials[/size]


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    Phreak & Apollo vs Luis Choice of Opponents

    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]*Apollo's theme hits*

    *Crowd Pop*

    Apollo walks out wearing a Toga, golden boots, white knee pads and tapped wrists. He stands at the stage and looks out on the crowd before taking in a deep breath and walks down the ramp

    Mark Chivel: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall, Intriducing first, From Parts Unknown. Weighing in at 220lbs, The Legend, Apollo...C..K!

    Josh: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back and it is now time for the main event of the evening, Phreak & Apollo tag together to face two opponents Luis Boden gets to pick.

    Apollo staggers his way up the stairs. He enters through the ropes and looks back on the fans. He then removes his toga to reveal white trunks with gold initials "C" "K" and the back containing an archer shooting a bolt of lightning.

    Michael: Sadly we won't have Luis in, but we do have Phreak again in action

    Josh: Apollo vs Luis vs Phreak at Breakdown ladies and gentlemen, triple threat match for the Federation X Championship, in a few weeks time

    [size=x-small]Apollo rests in the corner as [/size](ref rings bell or next opponent)

    [size=x-small]*Phreak's theme hits*

    *Crowd boo*

    The arena darkens momentarily then lights iluminate the stage and darken as Phreak walks out with a spotlight on him. Phreak is wearing baggy shorts that cover his knees, a skin tight black neon arm sleeve on his left arm and black old wrestling boots

    Mark Chivel: And his partner, From Chicago Illinois. Weighing in at 220lbs, Phreak!

    Michael: Phreak is my pick to win, If you remember back at Clash of The Titans, Luis Boden won the triple threat match due to Mad Dogg's interference, this time Phreak can focus on the match entirely.

    Josh: Don't count out the Champion Michael, and Apollo I see as the darkhorse of the match.

    Phreak walks slowly to the ring, analyzing the audience before brushing his hands through his hair as he makes his way up the steps.

    Michael: Darkhorse? Don't go naming Nickelback albums Josh, Luis Boden can win, without Phreak in the match, we know that, but Luis cannot beat Phreak one on one, and Phreak was in complete control before Mad Dogg got involved

    [size=x-small]Phreak climbs a turnbuckle and stares down at the fans before dismounting and stands in the ring[/size]

    Josh: So lets see who Luis has picked for these two to fight

    [size=x-small]Han's Theme hits

    *Crowd Pop and Boo*

    Lights flash on and off as Hans is eleveated up to the stage with his head down. Han is wearing Pink tank top with black spots, pink tights with a chain belt, and brown boots. along with wrist bands He walks down the ramp pumped

    Mark Chivel: Introducing their opponent, From Salt Lake Utah. Weighing in at 450lbs, "The German Gianr" Hans Schleimer

    Michael: Woah, The German Giant as an opponent for these two? Luis made a big pick Josh

    Josh: Two right Michael, Luis obviously going for someone to do some damage to Phreak and Apollo before the match.

    [size=x-small]Hans walks up the steel steps and walks over the ropes into the ring[/size]

    Michael: Hans has been on a massive reign as of late, winning back to back matches, and taking out Super Spider

    Josh: Last Week Super Spider was attacked by Hans, perhaps Luis hopes the same can happen to his opponents at Breakdown

    [size=x-small]Hans approaches all four turnbuckles and raises his arms up[/size]

    Michael: I don't believe that Josh, Luis is giving Hans and whoever his partner is the chance to main event

    [size=x-small]Wesley Allen's Theme hits

    *Slight Crowd Pop*

    Fireworks explode the Camera cuts to a Gorilla position whilst as Wesley comes out looking towards the ring at a mirror placed on the ring. Wesley wearing blue tights with black and yellow graphics, his name on the back with white boots and fingerless grappling gloves. He pauses for a second staring at himself then steps back and kicks through the glass. He then walks forward then pounds the ground with both fists and then walks to the ring.

    Mark Chivel: From Denver Colorado. Weighing in at 230lbs, Wesley "Clutch" Allen

    Josh: Wesley Allen makes his debut Michael, live on Stars Of X

    Michael: We have seen vignettes by this man airing for weeks, he calls him self the only superstar, a combination of a sports star and a wrestling star

    [size=x-small] Wesley continues down the ring, he then climbs the side of the ring and stands on the corner looking out to the crowd. He throws his t shirt out to the crowd and enters the ring[/size]

    Josh: Wesley Allen teams tonight with Hans, a big opponent to tag with Michael

    Michael: Imagine if he pinned either Phreak or Apollo here tonight, what a major win that would be

    [size=x-small]Wesley jogs in place and then rests on the ropes[/size]

    Josh: Tag Team Action tonight

    [size=x-small]The referee rings the bell for the match to begin[/size]

    Apollo and Hans start the match off. Apollo keeps his distance and rushes at Hans hitting a low shoulder tackle to the knee before crawling back and getting to his feet

    Josh: Apollo playing it smart, staying low and keeping out of the reach of Hans

    Michael: Can't win a match if your opponent is still standing, Apollo needs to knock him down

    Apollo rebounds off the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle to Hans who bends down to clutch his shin, Apollo then jumps on the back of Hans and locks in a face-lock on Hans

    Josh: That is how you do it, get the big man to bend down then go for the head

    Hans stands up and grabs Apollos hands, pulling Apollo forward to release the hold and flips him over his shoulder and onto the mat

    Michael: Just like that Josh, The German Giant tosses a number one contender to the mat, with ease

    Hans then delivers an elbow drop to Apollo and covers the referee counts

    1.... Apollo kicks out

    Josh: Apollo able to kick out at one

    Hans lifts Apollo up into a seated position, then grasps the shoulder of Apollo, applying a shoulder clawhold

    Michael: Hans now grounding Apollo with a vice grip to the shoulder

    Apollo tries to pull himself up but Hans pushes him back to the mat,

    Josh: Apollo trying to break free but Hans is just to strong tonight

    Hans then holds the shoulder and drags Apollo up to his feet where he delivers a headbutt to Apollo knocking him to the mat

    Michael: Hans with a vicious headbutt to Apollo

    Hans then drags Apollo over to Phreak and points at Phreak

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Josh: I think Hans wants to go one on one with Phreak now

    Phreak tags Apollo's shoulder and gets in the ring where he quickly moves out the way from Hans going for a corner splash causing Hans to hit the turnbuckle, Phreak the rebounds off the ropes as Hans walks to the center of the ring and hits a big jumping shoulder block to Hans knocking him back

    Michael: Phreak put all his weight into that move, but Hans still on his feet

    Phreak quickly gets to his feet and rebounds off the ropes, he launches at Hans and delivers a clothesline to Hans, knocking him back against the ropes

    Josh: Hans still not down

    Phreak then attempts to whip Hans into the ropes, Hans stands his ground and pulls Phreak at the ropes, tossing him through the ropes and to the floor

    Michael: Hans with the weight difference here and sends Phreak to the floor

    Phreak gets up and rolls back into the ring, He then tags in Apollo, the two men then rush at Hans hitting a double shoulder block knocking him back at the ropes, Hans rebounds off them and hits a double clothesline to Phreak and Apollo

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Josh: Even the team of Phreak and Apollo still not enough to knock Hans down

    Hans grabs Apollo up and tosses him over the ropes and to the floor, he then stalks Phreak as he gets up in Hans's corner, and hits a corner splash on Phreak

    Josh: Woah! 450lbs come crashing at you, gonna leave a mark there

    Hans goes to tag Wesley, who drops off the apron and shouts, "No Man, You got this"

    Michael: Wesley smart move there, let Hans keep his work going

    Josh: This is a tag team match Michael, not a Handicap match

    Hans lifts Phreak up to a vertical base in the corner, he then delivers a headbutt knocking him back into a seated position

    Michael: Hans with another headbutt to Phreak, you gotta think Luis is watching this somewhere

    Hans picks Phreak up in the corner again and whips him into Phreak's corner, Hans then stands in the center of the ring as Apollo slides back in and hits a chop block knocking Hans down to his knee

    Josh: Woah, the legal man Apollo gets back in and hits a chop block to Hans

    Michael: More like using Phreak as a meat shield Josh

    Apollo then rebounds off the ropes and hits a clothesline to Hans knocking him to the mat

    Josh: Hans is down, Apollo has Hans down

    Apollo attempts to lock in an armbar, Hans however pushes Apollo back and gets to his feet

    Michael: Apollo may have brought him down to the mat, but he cannot keep Apollo down

    Apollo quickly gets to his feet and darts at Hans who delivers a big boot to Apollo

    Josh: Oh! Big Boot to the head!

    Hans grabs the arm and drags Apollo to his corner, Wesley Allen drops off the apron, Hans turns to tag him

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Josh: What is he doing? Why won't he tag in?

    Wesley Allen says back to Hans "Keep going dude, your doing great", Hans turns around and delivers a punch to the gut of Apollo after he got up groggy, Hans then follows up with a double axe-handle club to the back

    Michael: He doesn't need to Josh, Hans is destroying these guys, why waste his time

    Hans picks Apollo up and pushes him back into his corner, he then points at Phreak

    Josh: Looks as if Hans has had enough of Apollo and wants Phreak

    Apollo turns and tags Phreak in, Phreak then gets into the ring, Hans hits a running knee on Phreak as he enters

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Michael: Hans staying on his opponents

    Josh: More like attacking them when they aren't looking

    Hans drags Phreak to the center of the ring, he then places him in a standing headscissors clutch and clubs the back

    Michael: Hans now looking for a Giant driver!

    Hans clutches the gut and lifts Phreak upside down, he then jumps up and plants Phreak to the mat with a piledriver

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Josh: Giant driver to Phreak! This match could be over

    Apollo gets into the ring, Hans turns and picks Apollo up in an Oklahoma clutch, he then runs at his corner and drives Apollo back first into the turnbuckle, Wesley tags himself in as Hans lifts Apollo up in a military press lift and tosses him outside, Wesley hooks the leg of Phreak, the referee counts

    Michael: Look at the strength of Hans!

    Josh: Wesley Allen tags himself in, he isn't going to take the win?!

    The referee calls for the bell

    Josh: Allen steals it!

    [size=x-small]Wesley Allen's Theme hits

    *Crowd Boo*

    Wesley Allen rolls out the ring as Hans turns to approach him, Allen then runs up the to the ramp where the referee raises his arm.

    Mark Chivel: Ladies and Gentlemen the winner of this match, the team of Hans and Wesley Allen

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Josh: So Hans does all the work and Wesley swoops in like a vulture and picks the scraps?

    Michael: They are a tag team, Hans got rid of Apollo, so Wesley quickly secured the win, I don't see the problem Josh

    Josh: The problem is Allen Michael,

    Michael: Your just jealous Josh, Wesley Allen picks up a big win here, in fact that win could put him in line for a title shot in the near future

    Josh: Ladies and gentlemen I am have just been told by Robert J Smith that Super Spider will be in action and Smith has signed a match, Hans Schleimer will face Super Spider at Breakdown!

    [size=x-small]Hans exits the ring and approaches Wesley Allen who begins to quickly run backstage[/size]

    Josh: Ladies and gentlemen, this has been Stars Of X. Post in the discussion: Wesley Allen, what are your thoughts of him?

    [size=x-small]*Screen Fades to black*[/size]


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    Written by Sackfist Click the link to rep him for his work​
  2. Im liking what i see atm, looks like the alex kidd and vinnie will be a good match, Also i would like a 2 out of 3 falls.
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