Stars Of X -15/09/2012 PREVIEW CARD

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Sackfist, Sep 8, 2012.

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    Stars Of X this Saturday will be live in Mobile, Alabama at the Mobile Civic Center. Two weeks away from the anticipated 2nd Stars Of X Only PPV, Breakdown things look to heat up:

    The Tornado In Action

    Spike is in action this week, he looks to pick up some momentum heading into his ankle lock match at Breakdown. Can the Tornado Spike prove that he is the next X-Champion?

    Buster Bones vs Iron Baba

    Last week Mike Silva faces Butch and defeated one half of the tag team champions, this week the other member of each team face off. Can Buster secure a victory and avenge the loss from last week?​

    Ryo vs Aftershock Round 2

    Ryo lost last week, the two men still have two matches left, can Ryo equal the score, or will Aftershock make it 2-0 heading into Breakdown for their final round​

    Wrestling Illustrated

    Wesley Allen is hosting a new interview show on Stars Of X, his guests are the three men involved in the main event match at Breakdown for the Federation X Championship, Luis Boden, Apollo CK & Phreak. What will be asked and what will happen with all three men in the ring?​

    New Star?

    Federation X have hired Brent Nixon to Stars Of X, but another star has joined the roster, who will it be?​


    - Most posts on this thread by Friday will receive reputation
    - Posts must be in relation to the content in this post. You may comment as your character's twitter on this.
    - (This will be a weekly contest so rep will go out weekly)

    Predict The Winners
    - The most correct predictions will also get reputation for the post.

    *Contests end Friday Wednesday due to Stars Of X being posted early


    Siren Divison Begins: On the following show, Stars Of X will have it's first ever Siren's match

    Write your own promos: Stars Of X are now allowing people to write promos for their characters, this will happen after Breakdown airs, This however will be for those avid readers and those who tweet often as their characters.
  2. @[Vince McMahon] @[King Regality] @[R'Albin] @[Asskicker] @[Tyson Kidd] @[Y2J Enigma] @[Jose Tortilla] @[Tidus] @[Kayfab] @[CM PuLs3] @[mark_htfc] @[Bumblebee] @[Dat Kid From Jersey] @[Hannah James]

    Tagging you guys in to get some discussion going on this thread
  3. Looking forward to the wrestling illustrated the most.

    Phreak > Borden + CK


    Spike to win his match.
    Iron Baba
    Phreak being awesome
  4. I'm looking forward to Ryo against Aftershock, as well as the rookie debut. Seems like a good all-around show, balanced.
  5. Kim Jong III & Y2J at 1 post each for Poster Maniac. Y2J yet to post his predictions
  6. My predictions for the two matches:

    Iron Baba def. Buster Bones

    Aftershock Hernandez def. Ryo

    Interested to see what happens with the Wrestling Illustarated segment, along with Nixon's debut.
  7. Another newcomer! <33
  8. Y2J winning it this week, will see what the post count is like by wednesday, Hannah may be Poster Maniac twice in a row
  9. Currently Y2J seems to be the contender for Poster Maniac

    Y2J vs Kim Jong III for prediction. Who will win?
  10. Looking forward to this, seems pretty exciting!
  11. @[Kim Jong III] @[Y2J Enigma] @[Samalan] @[Hannah James]

    What on the card are you looking forward to, order it looking forward to the most at the top, and least at the bottom.
  12. Buster Bones vs Iron Baba
    Ryo vs Aftershock Round 2
    The Tornado In Action
    Wrestling Illustrated
    New Star?
  13. Sackfist, none of your tags work for me.
  14. Crayo said tags have been iffy for a while, I'll PM you with the thread instead Y2J
  15. Yup, this is going to be exiting. Hopefully, this will be the best for abit.
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