Stars Of X 15/09/2012

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    [size=x-small][align=left]Episode: 25
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    Show Spoiler

    [bSummer Bash[/b]
    • Alex Kidd vs Vinnie Rose announced for Breakdown for the championship.
    • Mike Silva defeated Butch Bones
    • Hernandez defeated Ryo Akita
    • Hans & Wesley Allen defeated Phreak and Apollo

    Spike vs Razor

    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]The lights begin to dim, sparks begin to emerge from the floor, fireworks begin to light up the arena as they boom out from the “X” positioned tubes in front of the titantron.

    A feeling of excitement and anticipation rushes through the arena as Saturday Night Stars of X begins! [/size]

    Josh: Welcome everybody to stars of X! We are here at the Mobile Civic Center in Mobile, Alabama and I am Josh Fordezski with my partner Michael Donovan!

    Michael: Thanks Josh it is time for Stars of X

    [size=x-small]*Spike's theme hits*

    *Crowd Pop*

    Spike walks out with his hands raised in the air, he is wearing white tights, with green horizontal stripes with the letters: S.P.I.K.E in between the stripes, black boots, black gloves with a white line around the fingers, black elbow pads with a white star with green letters (spike) inside the star. He throws his arms down, triggering pyro to go off behind him

    Mark Chivel: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first From Indianapolis, Indiana. Weighing in at 192lbs, The Tornado...Spike!

    Josh: Here comes the Tornado, and Michael Spike will face Joey Saturn in just under two weeks.

    Michael: And just like Saturn has done in the past, he will win his match at retain the championship

    [size=x-small]Spike runs down high-fiving fans, he climbs the stair case and goes to enter, but flips off his opponent and raises his arm up outside to a cheer of fans, he then enters the ring[/size]

    Josh: Spike not bringing his sister down to the ring, due to her injury, I believe he is being a protective brother and letting her remain backstage

    [size=x-small]Spike climbs two turnbuckles and raises his arm on both to the fans[/size]

    [size=x-small]*Razor's theme hits*

    *Crowd boo*

    Razor walks out as smoke bellows from the stage. Razor is wearing black wrestling tights with white whirl swirling patterns up the side of his legs and boots. Regular boots suited for the lucha style. white elbow pads and black gloves that go halfway up his lower arms with white swirls on the back of his hand. He stops at the end of the stage and forms a gun with his hands to which he "shoots" himself as Pyro goes off behind him

    Josh: And here comes the International High Flying Sensation, Razor

    Michael: I am sorry who, I heard International High Flying Sensation, but Razor, no.

    Mark Chivel: From Dallas, Texas. Weighing in at 202lbs, Razor!

    Michael: Boo!

    [size=x-small]Razor runs down the ramp and leaps over the top rope[/size]

    Josh: That was impressive

    [size=x-small]Razor climbs the turnbuckle and makes a gun with his hands and "shoots" himself again[/size]

    Michael: This guy is a weirdo Josh, shooting himself in the head, why is he trying to rip off Suicide?

    [size=x-small]The referee calls for the bell for the match to begin[/size]

    Josh: Razor vs Spike, here we go

    Razor and Spike lock up, they both drop to a knee attempting to push each other back, Spike begins to move Razor to the ropes and hits a side-headlock.

    Michael: Josh tonight we have such a night planned, Wesley Allen hosts a brand new show on Stars Of X, and his guests, Luis Boden, Apollo CK & Phreak, three chaotic elements on the show

    Josh: True Michael, Those three have been tag teaming and facing the other's choice of opponents, Luis and Apollo were the only team successful in winning

    Razor leans back on the ropes and pushes Spike off him and at the ropes, Spike rebounds and shunts Razor with a shoulder block.

    Josh: But Michael, Spike in action here trying to pick up some momentum for the Ankle lock match at Breakdown

    Michael: For those who don't know what that match is, the ankle lock match is a submission match, but not just any submission match, it is a Submission match that can only be won via using the ankle lock and making the opponent tap out, that means no disqualification, no count outs, no pinfalls.

    Razor kips to his feet, Spike attempts to deliver a middle kick to Razor, however Razor catches the leg, steps over and spins down, connecting his other foot to the side of the head of Spike

    Josh: Joey Saturn and Spike have had a major rivalry Michael, they both debuted on Warzone and, they did carry the show, but then were drafted to Stars Of X where this feud has really picked up, Saturn becoming the champion after he used that video clip

    Michael: That is biased commentating Josh, for all we know, some broad in production could be jealous of Saturn and tried to air that to get him to lose the match, Saturn is the X-Champion and will be the champion for some time

    Razor wraps his legs around Spike's leg, Spike quickly kicks Razor with his heel breaking the hold, both men roll back to their feet

    Josh: And that isn't biased commentating

    Razor darts at Spike, Spike hooks the arm and hits an arm drag

    Michael: Breakdown is shaping up to be an unmissable event, Joey Saturn faces Spike for the X-Championship, who is your pick in that match Josh?

    Razor gets to his feet and runs at Spike, who hits another arm drag

    [size=x-small]*Crowd pop*[/size]

    Josh: Spike I think is going to win it Michael

    Razor gets to his feet, Spike underhooks the arm and hits a third arm drag, Spike quickly locks in a rear-chin lock

    Michael: Please, Joey Saturn defeated Spike at Summer Bash, no tricks nothing, and now he has a match that he is the expert at

    Razor claws out to the ropes and begins to kick the ground, the referee asks Razor if he wishes to quit, Razor refuses

    Josh: You forget Spike is also an expert at utilizing the Ankle lock Michael

    Michael: Please, he is a novice at that move when compared to Joey Saturn

    Razor gets to his knees and then begins to stand up, Spike then slams Razor back to the mat, releasing the chin lock and Razor hits the mat back first. he rolls over and clutches his back in pain

    Josh: Spike could have won the Championship Michael, if it were not for that video, that title may be around the Tornado's waist

    Michael: See, Saturn does not need a nickname to prove he is good, but if he had to have one, Saturn could be, The Champion

    Spike locks the leg of Razor between his thigh and applies a sleeper hold on Razor

    Josh: Pfft, that is a lame one Michael, why don't we see what the fans tweet, #SOX what nickname would you give? As you see here Michael, Spike already going to submission, the STS, Spike Toe-Sleeper

    Razor begins to fade as he reaches out for the ropes

    Michael: Spike can use what ever move he wants, Bow and Arrow clutch, abdominal stretch, cattle mutilation, sharpshooter, the only move that matters is the Ankle Lock at Breakdown Josh, and Joey Saturn is in the Gym practicing that very hold.

    Razor claws and pulls himself a little closer to the ropes, however still cannot reach the ropes

    Josh: That move is cutting the air off, as well as putting pressure on the leg of Razor, he needs to get to the ropes, but every passing moment is drifting Razor to sleep

    The referee checks Razor, Razor pushes the ref aside and grasps the ropes, Spike breaks the hold

    Michael: You see what I mean, Joey Saturn would have had Razor tapping out rather than grabbing the ropes

    Spike stalks Razor as he gets to his feet, Spike then runs at Razor, Razor lifts up Spike with a fireman's carry standing takeover, flipping Spike over, however he lands on the apron, Razor turns round to a right hand by Spike

    Josh: 2 weeks ago Joey Saturn faced Johnny Hernandez, which he won

    Michael: Won, he smoked Hernandez

    Spike gets into through the ropes and goes for a clothesline, Razor quickly locks in a front waist lock and lifts Spike over his back, planting Spike to the mat and landing in a bridge, the referee counts

    Josh: That was nice suplex by Razor, this match could be over here!

    Spike kicks out

    Michael: Spike almost lost there, and you think he could be X-Champion?

    Razor gets to his feet and runs at the ropes, he jumps on to the second rope then springboards off and performs a 180 degree spin into a senton, Spike however rolls out the way and Razor hits the mat back first

    Josh: The Highflying International Sensation is known for big moves like that, but Spike also a high-flyer had some sort of primal instinct to roll out the way

    Razor rolls onto his stomach and clutches his back, Spike sits on the back of Razor, grabs the arms and crosses them under the chin, pulling back

    Josh: Spike picked this move up while touring Japan under the name, El Golfo Del Mexico, a criss-cross stranglehold

    Spike pulls back, the referee asks Razor if he wants to give up

    Michael: That is a unique move Josh, but again, it is not an ankle lock, that should be his go to move now, prepare for his match, which he is not doing and why Joey Saturn is going to win

    Josh: I disagree, Spike doesn't need to win this match, the point is pick up momentum heading into the PPV

    Razor yells out as the referee asks him if he wishes to quit, Razor shakes his head

    Josh: The thing about this hold Michael, the opponent cannot crawl and Spike uses he weight to keep his opponent on the ground, Razor is like a trapped Spider caught in Spike's web

    Michael: Also at Breakdown Josh we have the tag team championship match, Iron Baba and Mike Silva face Bones Brothers for the tag team championship, Iron Baba and Silva ran riot on TNT and now they get a title shot

    Razor gets to a knee and then to both his knees, Spike stands up pulling Razor up, Razor then pulls Spike forward spinning him to land abdomen first to the mat

    Josh: Nice counter there, to answer your question Michael, Bones Brothers are the longest reigning Champions, they defeated many teams in the past and I am sure they won't lose again

    Razor then runs at the ropes and leaps at Spike and locks in a headscissors, flipping Spike over onto his back, Razor rebounds off the ropes again, runs at Spike and flips over landing back first over Spike's gut, Razor then hooks the leg, the referee counts

    Michael: The match could be over here for Spike

    Spike locks the arm with his legs and underhooks the other arm to hit a roll up, the referee counts

    Josh: Oh No, Spike gets his own cover! Is it over?!

    Razor kicks out

    Michael: Very close there, and that is what you get with the X-Championship, great competitors each week, these guys aren't 6"6, bodybuilder and use power, these guys work there ass of each week, and the Champion Joey Saturn is the best of them all

    Josh: That almost was a great comment there Michael

    Spike and Razor get up, Spike goes for a clothesline, Razor ducks under, he then jumps at the ropes and springboards to land across Spike horizontally, Spike catches Razor, lifts him into a fireman's carry and then falls back smashing Razor to the mat back first

    Josh: Samoan Drop, turning point of the match here]

    Spike picks up and whips Razor into the corner, he follows up with a body splash to Razor

    Michael: Spike with the body splash, here it comes

    Spike delivers a right hand, then follows up with a knife edge chop, then a right hand, then a knife edge chop, then a knee to the mid-section, Spike then springboards off the ropes turns and applies a front face-lock and hits a DDT to (insert name)

    [size=x-small]*Crowd pop*[/size]

    Josh: Spike with the corner onslaught!

    Razor kicks out

    Michael: Spike is still not able to put away an opponent that Joey Saturn would have made tap out aged ago

    Josh: Joey Saturn has defeated Razor in the past, but I think Razor is really pushing himself here to show he deserves a shot in the future

    Spike picks up and lifts Razor into a fireman's carry hold

    Michael: Spike going for the TKO! Total Knock Out! Not an ankle lock Josh

    Spike throws the legs of Razor behind him and delivers a cutter to Razor

    Josh: Spike with a TKO, this match maybe done

    Michael: But it is by pinfall

    The referee calls for the bell

    Josh: Spike wins it here! Picking up some momentum heading into Breakdown

    [size=x-small]*Spike's theme hits*

    *Crowd Pop*

    Spike stands up and the referee raises his arm

    Mark Chivel: Here is your winner, Spike!

    Michael: Spike picks up a victory here tonight, but not the way he will be able to at Breakdown

    Josh: Spike beats a very game Razor tonight, picking up a big victory Michael, building his confidence

    Spike then rolls outside the ring and walks up the ramp

    Michael: Build his confidence by all means, but this guy needs to start to begin training and use his Ankle lock to win, if not, and as I guarantee, Joey Saturn will win

    Josh: Spike seems very game Michael, ladies and gentlemen, Post in the discussion and tell us your thoughts on Spike vs Joey Saturn

    [size=x-small]The camera fades to an English Pub, Rule Britannia playing in the background, The camera zooms to a man with a shaven head, grey eyes wearing a black tank top and a pair of union jack gym shorts who is drinking a pint and watching a football game[/size]

    Man & Crowd behind him: Take me home, United road,
    To a place that I belong,
    To Old Trafford, to see United,
    Take me home, United road...

    [size=x-small]Two American tourists enter the pub and the chant stops almost immediately. They make their way to the bar[/size]

    Tourist 1: A Pint of Samuel Adams Partner

    [size=x-small]The bartender hands him an american beer in a glass[/size]

    Man: Hey fellas, you can't be drinking that stuff in here. This is Britain, you should try one of these.

    [size=x-small]Rick points to his tall glass of European beer.[/size]

    Tourist 1: No thanks buddy, I prefer beer from the states.

    Man: Ah no harm done.

    [size=x-small]The man turns around but fakes it and turns to smash Tourist 1 across the head with the glass, shattering it. Tourist 2 comes to swing at the man, but he dodges and punches Tourist 2 in the face. To finish them both off he smashed their heads against the bar.[/size]

    Man: Damn tourist.

    [size=x-small]Camera fades to black with the word "Ruthless Rick" fades in written in a Union Jack color[/size]


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    Written by Sackfist Click the link to rep him for his work
    DatKidFromJersey Wrote his character's vignette​

    Hans vs Jack Felix

    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]The camera pans backstage to Spike sitting on top of a trunk, Joey Saturn then approaches him with the X-Title on his shoulder[/size]

    Spike: What do you want?

    Joey Saturn: Woah dude, where did that come from? I am just here to say that you had a pretty decent match with Razor. Good but not X-Champion good. But I like what you said about our match is one not to miss, we are great competitors in this business, heck we carried Warzone as it started, but I was always better, I was the winner and you were the loser.

    Spike: You think you can beat me, I can pull an ankle lock out of anywhere, and you pick a match in which I have to use that very maneuver to win, bug mistake

    Joey Saturn: Mistake, Spike Breakdown is the name of the PPV, the clue is in the name what will happen to you, I know your a fighter and I am going to ensure that you are out of my life for good.

    [size=x-small]Chelsea Owens walks on-screen placing an icepack on Spike's shoulder, she gives Saturn a nasty stare, Saturn smiles[/size]

    Joey Saturn: Best get used to those ice packs Spike, after Breakdown, they'll be mandatory to heal your injury

    [size=x-small]Saturn walks off-screen as Spike and Chelsea stare him down

    Camera cuts to the announce team

    Josh: Tensions are rising high between the X-Champion and his opponent at Breakdown, Spike. The two will face off in an ankle lock match, which is the move you must use to win, there is no pinfall, no disqualification, no count out, your opponent must tap out and they must tap out to the ankle lock

    Michael: Correct Josh and it will be Joey Saturn

    [size=x-small]Camera pans in the ring to see Jack Felix jogging in place[/size]

    Josh: Ladies and Gentlemen in the ring at this time is Jack Felix scheduled for one on one action here tonight

    [size=x-small]Hans's Theme hits

    *Crowd Boo*

    Lights flash on and off as Hans is eleveated up to the stage with his head down and Masked Machine in a wheelchair beside him. Han is wearing Pink tank top with black spots, pink tights with a chain belt, and brown boots. along with wrist bands He walks down the ramp pumped

    Mark Chivel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one. Making his way to the ring, From Salt Lake Utah. Weighing in at 450lbs, "The German Gianr" Hans Schleimer

    Michael: Ladies and Gentlemen last week, Hans was able to take on both the number one contenders for the Triple threat match at Breakdown, and he will face Super Spider at Breakdown, as a few weeks ago Hans viciously attacked Super Spider, hitting not one, not two, but three Giant Drivers to him

    [size=x-small]Hans walks up the steel steps and walks over the ropes into the ring[/size]

    Josh: Hans has been on a win streak as of late as well Michael, and last week could have put him in a contenders position for a Federation X Championship match

    [size=x-small]Hans approaches all four turnbuckles and raises his arms up[/size]

    Michael: I don't like Jack Felix's chances tonight Josh

    Felix rushes at Hans trying to clothesline him, Hans stands still in place

    Josh: Jack Felix trying to knock Hans down but to no avail.

    Felix the runs at Hans again, he leaps into the air and hits Hans with a crossbody, Hans grabs hold of him

    Michael: Hans now has a hold of Felix

    Hans bounces off the ropes and drops to a knee, slamming Felix's back across his knee

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Josh: Hans with backbreaker!

    Hans picks up Felix and whips him against the ropes, Felix rebounds and Hans hits Felix with a big boot

    Michael: Oh! Hans with a nasty big boot, he almost took his head off!

    Hans picks up Felix and places him in a standing headscissors clutch, Hans then clutches the gut and lifts Felix up. Hans leans back into a seated position and plants Felix head first to the mat

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Michael: Hans with the Giant Driver, this match is over

    Hans drops to his knees and hooks the inside leg of Jack Felix, the referee counts

    The referee calls for the bell

    Michael: Hans wins it

    [size=x-small]Hans's Theme hits

    *Crowd Boo*

    Hans stands up and lifts his arm up as Masked Machine claps from the stage. Hans's theme stops as Robert J Smith appears on the stage

    Robert J Smith: Well done Hans, congrats on your victory tonight, but I have some news, at Breakdown you will face a familiar foe, the man you tried to take out a few weeks ago, Super Spider!

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Robert J Smith: Have a nice night

    [size=x-small]Camera pans to Hans staring up at the titantron before he leaves and walks up the ramp[/size]

    Josh: Big news just announced Michael, Hans Schleimer vs Super Spider at Breakdown, Spider owns a victory over Hans, and now fueled with revenge, that match will be one to see

    Michael: Post in the discussion who do you think will win Super Spider vs Hans?

    [size=x-small]*Cuts to Commercials*[/size]


    [size=x-small]Click Here if you want Super Spider to win
    Click Here if you want Hans to win[/size]
    Written by Sackfist Click the link to rep him for his work​

    Iron Baba vs Buster Bones

    Show Spoiler

    [size=x-small]Camera pans backstage to Aftershock and Vinnie Rose.[/size]

    Rose: Yeah I;m sure of it, Alex is a tough guy but I know I can beat him for the internet championship.

    Aftershock: Gotta stay focused, make sure you keep training and learn about your opponent.

    Rose: I know, I've been doing that. It takes time, but to be called a champion it's worth it.

    Aftershock: That's true man. Now I gotta get ready for my match soon, good luck to you Rose, I'll see ya around.

    Rose: Alright see ya Johnny.

    [size=x-small] Aftershock walked away from Rose as Rose walked another direction. All of a sudden Alex Kidd hits Rose in the face with the Internet championship and Rose is flat on the ground.[/size]

    Alex: Three times I'll beat you THREE TIMES!!! You're a loser!!! YOU ARE NOTHING COMPARAED TO ME!!!

    [size=x-small] Camera then pans back onto the arena as a match is starting. [/size]

    [size=x-small]*Iron Baba's theme hits*

    *Crowd Boo*

    Baba walks out staring at the ring as he jogs in place wearing white trunks, black wrestling boots, white knee pads and one white elbow pad on his right arm

    Mark Chivel: This singles match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Southern Delaware. Weighing in at 250lbs, Iron....Baba!

    Michael: And here's Iron Baba, one of the team that's challenging The Bones Brothers for the tag team championships!

    [size=x-small]Baba walks down to the ramp stretching his arms as he stares directly at the ring and ignores the fans, he walks up the stares and quickly enters the ring[/size]

    Josh: Lets hope he doesn't get pissed and ripped the mat and ring like him and Silva did on TNT.

    [size=x-small]Baba stands in the middle of the ring eager to fight[/size]

    Michael: Iron Baba looking determined here tonight, and he should.

    Josh: You should always be excited to fight any champion at any time!

    [size=x-small]*Bones Brother's theme hits*

    *Crowd Pop*

    Dark red lights fill the arena as white smoke fills the stage. Buster walks through the smoke facing the stage wearing black tights with a long rectangle design and a border made of bones. Within the rectangle is his name, formed by boneswith black elbow pads, this has a red wire pattern on each. Also wearing black boots with white laces and a black T-Shirt, with his arms spread wide

    Michael: And here's one half of the tag team champions!

    Insert Announcer Name: And introducing the opponent, from Toronto, Canada. Weighing in at 175 lbs, Buster Boonneeess!

    [size=x-small]Buster turns around at the end of the ramp, revealing his T-Shirt to read "Sumb Dhit!" and underneath, "profanity rules!" He then high fives the fans as he makes his way to the announcetable where he high fives Michael and slides in the ring[/size]

    Josh: And like always, he's not intimidated by his opponent.

    [size=x-small]Buster in the ring raises his arms to the fans on opposite side[/size]

    Michael: This is going to be a good match between two great wrestlers!

    Josh: A challenger going up against a champion, these are always great types of matches, and we may be seeing a preview of what could happen at Breakdown!

    Baba and Buster start grappling each other.

    Michael: Now the match begins with the defending tag team champion locking horns with the future challenger.

    Buster knees Baba in the stomach then wraps his arm around his neck.

    Josh: Buster taking control, if he keeps up an offense he'll have some momentum going to their tag team match soon.

    Buster lifts up Baba for the suplex, but then Baba slipped out and landed behind Buster.

    Michael: Baba reversing, and still what's on everybody's mind must be Baba and Silva assaulting TNT.

    Josh: That's true, they destroyed the place because they felt "disrespected."

    Baba turns Buster around and throws a punch to Buster's face.

    Michael: And now they are getting their chance at Breakdown.

    Josh: Hope they're happy now.

    Buster blocks the punch and headbutts Baba.

    Michael: The tag team of of The Bones Brothers still isn't a push over, they're a very good team, that's why they are the champions.

    Buster then irish whips Baba to the ropes.

    Josh: That's right, they have been the champions for a reason, and they aren't a ring mat you can just tear up.

    Baba ran towards the rope, and bounced off of them, then ran towards Buster.

    Michael: Looks like Buster is setting Baba up for the Spine Buster.

    Buster lifted up Baba for the spinbuster as Baba ran towards him.

    Josh: Here we go, a quick end to this match!!

    Baba began to elbow Buster on the face now.

    Michael: No wait, Baba is starting to hit Buster!

    Buster released his grip, and Baba landed on his feet then kicked Buster on the stomach.

    Josh: Baba made his way out of the spine buster!!

    Baba quickly tucked Buster's head under his arm and executed a DDT.

    Michael: And Baba hits Buster with the DDT!!

    Josh: His head just crashed onto the mat there!!

    Baba got up quickly, and then lifted up Buster.

    Michael: Buster better pick up the pace, if this is what happens during the championship match, then we'll have new champions at Breakdown.

    Baba pushed Buster on to the corner.

    Josh: Buster will have back up during the tag team match by his brother still.

    Baba began to elbow Buster on the face three times.

    Michael: And there goes the elbows to the face!

    Baba then took off his elbow pad and elbowed Buster on the face one more time.

    Josh: And Baba took off his elbow pad, that one had to hurt!!

    Michael: Buster looks like he's in a daze now!

    Baba now lifts up Buster and sets him on the top rope,

    josh: Baba setting up Buster on the top!

    Michael: We all know how much Buster loves it up there....

    Baba climbed onto the second row of ropes and wrapped Buster's arm around his neck.

    Josh: Superplex time!!

    Buster began to punch away at Baba's stomach.

    Michael: No! Buster is fighting back!!

    Baba let go of Buster's arm, and tried punching back.

    Josh: Now Baba trying to regain control!!

    Buster kept punching and Baba began to lose his balance.

    Michael: Wait, Baba is starting to get off balance!

    Buster shoved Baba off the ropes and Baba landed right on his back.

    Josh: Now Baba just crashed onto the mat!!!

    Buster slowly climbed down off the turnbuckle.

    Michael: Buster getting back to the ground he loves.

    Baba was slowly trying to get up now. Buster charged towards Baba and executed a shining wizard on Baba's face.

    Josh: Shinning Wizard!!

    Michael: Looks like the tag team champion has this match won!

    Buster then got on top of Baba and hooked his legs for the pin.


    Buster got up and flipped Baba onto his back.

    Josh: No Baba kicks out!!

    Buster got up, then grabbed Baba's foot.

    Michael: Baba lasting long in this match, maybe him and Silva will win the championships....

    Buster got Baba into the position for a figure four leg lock.

    Josh: Wait look at what move Buster is setting up!

    Buster successfully locked in Baba's legs and began to apply pressure.

    Michael: Figure four leglock!! His opponent could tap tonight!!

    Baba groaned loudly in pain as the submission move was locked in.

    Josh: Imagine of Buster makes Baba tap out tonight!! That'll really boost the champions!

    Buster kept applying more and more of the figure four leg lock.

    Michael: Baba having a hard time trying to get out of this move!

    Baba started to move towards the ropes slowly now.

    Josh: Baba starting to make his way to the ropes, will we see this kind of scenario during the tag team match?

    Buster started applying more, slowing down Baba even more.

    Michael: Buster trying hard to make Baba tap out!

    Baba started trying to reach to the ropes and tryed to grip the bottom rope.

    Josh: Looks like Baba is close to the ropes!

    Buster applied more pressure and Baba started to yell loudly.

    Michael: Baba is struggling to get out of this hold!

    Baba started crawling, looking like he was clawing his way to the ropes.

    Josh: Baba is trying again!

    Baba once again reached for the ropes as Buster applied even more pressure.

    Michael: Baba reaching out now! Will he tap out?!

    Baba grabbed the bottom rope to get the rope break.

    Josh: Baba grabs the rope!!!

    Buster let go of the hold now.

    Michael: Buster being a good sport and quickly breaking the hold.

    Buster got up and lifted up Baba slowly.

    Josh: Baba needs to show toughness like this, if he continues this, then him and Silva will be the new tag team champions!

    Buster pushed Baba onto the ropes, then irish whipped him to the other side.

    Michael: Still, Buster has been in control, even though Baba got the rope break he is still struggling in this match up.

    Baba held onto Buster though, and irish whipped him instead.

    Josh: That's why you have partners, they can back you up whenever you need them.

    Buster ran to the ropes and bounced off then ran towards Baba.

    Michael: That's what team work is about, I'm sure Silva and Baba can make it work, but can they still beat The Bones Brothers?

    Baba then executed a clothesline to Buster.

    Josh: Well we'll see at Breakdown when Silva and Baba face The Bones Brothers.

    Buster ducked though and ran to the other ropes and bounced off them and ran to Baba again.

    Michael: Baba missed the clothesline there.

    Baba lifted his foot and hit Buster with a huge big boot and crashed onto the mat.

    Josh: A huge big boot!!!

    Michael: Did you see the way Buster got hit?!?! He's not even moving now!!

    Josh: That doesn't look good, I think he may be knocked out...

    Baba lifts up Buster, holding his knocked out body.

    Michael: What is Baba trying to do now?!

    Josh: Sending a message....

    Baba hooks both his arms then lifts him up for the Ironmaker.

    Michael: Baba going for the Ironmaker on a lifeless Buster...

    Baba crashes Buster onto the mat, then gets on top of him and hooks Buster's legs for the pin/


    Mark Chivel: The winner of the match as a result of pinfall, Iron Baba!!!

    [size=x-small]The referee raised Baba's hand to signal that he won the match.[/size]

    Michael: Well Baba got that hard earned victory over one half of the tag team champions.

    Josh: I hope Buster is okay, he's starting to move a little now.

    Michael: He seems to be getting better, and the night will only get interesting when Wesley Allen comes here tonight. Post in the discussion your prediction for the tag match

    Josh: Yes it will, anything can happen here on Stars of X! And now we go to commercial!

    [size=x-small] The screen goes black as Baba leaves the ring and heads back stage.[/size]


    [size=x-small]Click Here to post your thoughts[/size]
    Written by Farooq

    Ryo Akita vs Hernandez 2

    Show Spoiler

    [size=x-small]Johnny Hernandez's Theme hits

    *Crowd pop*

    he lights go off for about 4 seonds. Fireworks shoot up from the stage. Johnny Hernandez jumps up from the stage and soaks up the fans reaction wearing a medium dark red hat with the bill facing backwards, faded green/blue jeans with an embedded Biohazard symbol in the back of his pants, a spiked belt, medium/dark red and black high tops on, with black shoelaces and low-cut socks.

    Mark Chivel: This match is scheduled for onefall, introducing first, from San Diego, California, weighing in at 163lbs, Johnny "Aftershock" Hernandez

    Michael: Here's Aftershock! He already has one win against Ryo, he's planning on making it two wins tonight!!

    [size=x-small]Aftershock then walks to the ring, where he climbs the turnbuckle and does a 720 flip dismount landing on his feet.[/size]

    Josh: Aftershock was very impressive last match, I wonder if he can carry the winning momentum and win once again tonight!

    [size=x-small]Johnny sits back on the turnbuckle[/size]

    Michael: I'm sure he can, he looks very focused right now.

    [size=x-small]Ryo Akita's Theme hits

    *Crowd pop*

    Ryo emerges from the curtain very energetically wearing MMA gloves, white shorts with The Lightening Dragon on them with white wrestling boots. He bows to the audience on the center of the stage. He then walks down the ramp

    Mark Chivel: And introducing the opponent, from Tokyo, Japan weighing in at 195lbs, Ryo Akita

    Michael: And here comes the number one contender for the Federation X championship at Immortality!

    [size=x-small]Ryo walks down the ramp smiling at the young fans in the crowd, he walks up the stairs and into the ring.[/size]

    Josh: I believe Ryo will give it all and beyond tonight, he needs to get this win tonight!!

    [size=x-small]He stands in the ring and points to the roof, triggering blue pyro to go off on the stage[/size]

    Michael: Well win or lose this, he still has his championship shot at Immortality for winning the Extreme Rumble.

    Josh: Still, I doubt he'd want to lose this match, this match is a very important match to him, plus it's a 2 out of 3 series.

    Michael: True, he has to win tonight, or he'll lose the whole series.

    Referee signals for the bell to start the match.

    Michael: And round 2 of the 3 matches between Ryo and Aftershock begins!

    Aftershock and Ryo grapple each other,

    Josh: Aftershock with one win, looking to end the series with the second win tonight!!

    Aftershock slips behind Ryo and executes a back suplex.

    Michael: And Aftershock can do that quickly since he has control of the match now!

    Ryo rolls back and lands on his feet instead though.

    Josh: Ryo reversing the back suplex! Looks like he doesn't want to lose this round.

    Ryo grapples Aftershock from behind and hits him with a forearm smash.

    Michael: Aftershock taking some damage, but still he has the advantage. No matter what, if he wins or loses this match Ryo won't get the final victory tonight.

    Ryo grabs Aftershock and grapples him from behind.

    Josh: That's true, but I think Aftershock wants to stop the series right now instead of going for 3.

    Aftershock hits Ryo in the face with his elbow.

    Michael: Aftershock looking to regain control with the elbows to the face.

    After Shock hits Ryo two more times and then turns around and quickly hits Ryo with the dropkick.

    Josh: And a tremendous dropkick by Aftershock!!

    Ryo fell back to the ropes, still standing as he held onto them. Aftershock then ran to Ryo and executed a clothesline.

    Michael: Aftershock looking to hit Ryo with a powerful clothesline!!

    Ryo hit Aftershock with a elbow to the face instead, and Aftershock held his face in pain.

    Josh: No it's denied by Ryo's elbow!!

    Ryo moved forward and hit Aftershock with the Roundhouse kick.

    Michael: There's the roundhouse kick!!

    Ryo quickly got up then lifted up Aftershock.

    Josh: Ryo in control, better make this count if he wants to win.

    Ryo wrapped Aftershock's arm and his neck, then grabbed one of Aftershock's legs and executed a fishermen suplex, and kept the hold for the pin.


    Aftershock kicked out right before the three count.

    Michael: So close to being a 1-1 tied series here!!

    Josh: Aftershock BARELY got that shoulder up in time.

    Ryo got up quickly then lifted up Aftershock again.

    Michael: And I still wonder, what's going to happen with this Wesley Allen?

    Ryo then irish whipped Aftershock to the corner.

    Josh: I don't know, maybe he'll just interview our wrestlers without starting a fight...

    Aftershock held onto Ryo though, and instead slung Ryo to the turnbuckle and ran following close behind.

    Michael: Well I hope so, we have lots of fights going on already, we don't need someone else being a random terror here.

    Ryo ran towards the turnbuckle, but instead of hitting it, he climbed up onto the top of the turnbuckle and executed the whisper in the wind.

    Josh: I wouldn't be worried, we have the Federation X Champion Luis here, so I think he'll keep anything that goes wrong under control.

    Aftershock jumped out of the way, and made it to the apron just before Ryo could hit him.

    Michael: True, just still interested unto what Wesley truly wants here.

    Ryo crashed onto the mat and was laying there. Aftershock climbed onto the top rope and stood up.

    Josh: Ryo falling off the top rope here!

    Aftershock jumped off as he executed the frog splash.

    Michael: Aftershock goes for the frog splash!

    Aftershock hit Ryo, successfully, then hooked his legs for the pin.


    Ryo lifted his shoulder right before the three count.

    Josh: Oh, so close, Aftershock was close to ending this series by 2-0.

    Aftershock got up, and then lifted up Ryo.

    Michael: Aftershock is still in control now.

    Aftershock wrapped Ryo's arm around his neck.

    Josh: Uh-oh, Aftershock just doesn't do one suplex....

    Aftershock then executed a suplex quickly, crashing Ryo's body to the mat.

    Michael: Hit him with one suplex!!

    Aftershock, still holding onto Ryo, rolled over and got up once more.

    Josh: Looking to hit him with another!

    Aftershock hit Ryo with another quick suplex and released his grip.

    Michael: And he loses his grip, only two suplexs!!

    Josh: :hmm: Dos amigos.....

    Aftershock got up once more and lifted up Ryo.

    Michael: Well Aftershock still has control of the second of three matches.

    Aftershock irish whipped Ryo to the ropes.

    Josh: Ryo on the ropes now.

    When Ryo came running back, Aftershock jumped up and was now on Ryo's shoulders.

    Michael: Hurricanarana is what Aftershock is looking for?

    Aftershock attempted to execute a hurricanrana, but Ryo wouldn't flip over.

    Josh: Looks like the move got the same thing I got at 12th grade, a rejection!!

    Michael: :dafuq:

    Ryo threw Aftershock onto the ground, then jumped on top of him and pulled his legs back to execute a boston crab submission move.

    Josh: Boston crab time!!

    Ryo applied lots of pressure as Aftershock began to crawl to the ropes.

    Michael: Wow, Aftershock could tap her tonight to Ryo's boston crab!!

    Aftershock slowly crawled to the ropes there, now almost making it to the bottom rope.

    Josh: Or not, he's getting pretty close to the ropes right now!

    Ryo applied more pressure, stopping Aftershock from crawling because of the pain.

    Michael: Aftershock stopped moving!!

    Josh: The pain must have become unbearable, I think he;s going to tap!

    Aftershock started crawling once more, as the tip of his fingers almost touch the ropes.

    Michael: Wait I think he might have the ropes!!

    Aftershock crawled once more and gripped the bottom rope tightly.

    Josh: He got the rope break!!

    Ryo broke the hold because of the rope break.

    Michael: Good job for releasing the hold quickly.

    Ryo lifted up Aftershock now.

    Josh: How's Aftershock going to pick up the win now?

    Ryo kicked Aftershock on the sides of his body.

    Michael: And now Ryo is kicking Aftershock on the side of his body!

    Ryo now kicked Aftershock on the back of his knees as Aftershock fell to his knees now.

    Josh: Ryo being smart here, he just brought Aftershock to his knees.

    Aftershock slowly stood up, but then Ryo jumped onto the second row of ropes, and jumped off and hit Aftershock with his elbow.

    Michael: Springboard elbow to the face!!

    Aftershock crashed onto the ground, and Ryo got on top of Aftershock for the pin.


    Aftershock kicked out right before the three count.

    Josh: And Ryo was so close to picking up the win!

    Ryo got up and lifted up Aftershock again.

    Michael: Aftershock better act fast, or there's going to be a third match for sure!

    Ryo wrapped Aftershock's arm around his neck.

    Josh: Looks like Ryo is going to attempt a suplex!

    Ryo lifted up Aftershock for the brainbuster.

    Michael: No, I think he might want to do the Brainbuster instead!!

    Aftershock slipped behind Ryo though as he was lifted up.

    Josh: No wait, Aftershock slipped out from behind him!

    Aftershock quickly clotheslined Ryo in the back of the head.

    Michael: Aftershock is now taking control of the match!

    Ryo fell down onto the mat and Aftershock charged to the turnbuckle.

    Josh: Aftershock attempting a high risk move!!

    Aftershock began to climb the turnbuckle as Ryo began to make his way to his feet.

    Michael: Ryo starting to get up, this could be a bad idea for Aftershock!

    Aftershock made his way to the top, but now Ryo was on his feet.

    Josh: Ryo is on his feet and Aftershock is on the top rope!!

    Aftershock stood up and jumped off executing a crossbody that connected with Ryo.

    Michael: Aftershock executed a crossbody!!

    Ryo rolled over and was now on top of Aftershock as he hooked his legs for the pin.

    3, NO!!!!!

    Aftershock kicked out and was shocked.

    Josh: Ryo was so close in stealing that win from Aftershock!!

    Both Ryo and Aftershock made their way to their feet.

    Michael: Both wrestlers on their feet now!!

    Aftershock charged towards Ryo.

    Josh: Aftershock looking to put down Ryo again!!

    Ryo ducked as Aftershock tried to clothesline him once more.

    Michael: No wait Ryo dodged the clothesline!!

    As Aftershock turned around, Ryo hit him with the Lighting Dragon.

    Josh: Lighting Dragon!! This match is over!!!

    Aftershock fell down to the mat and Ryo hooked his legs for the pin.


    Mark Chivel: The winner of the match as a result of pinfall, Ryo!!!

    [size=x-small]The referee raised Ryo's hand as Ryo celebrated in the ring.[/size]

    Michael: That was an amazing match by both opponents!

    Josh: It truly was, and now Ryo picked up his first win tonight!

    Michael: Looks like we get to see a tie breaker at Breakdown after all!

    Josh: I can't wait! It's sure to be a great match!! Ladies and gentlemen, tell us who you think will win the final match at Breakdown, Ryo or Aftershock

    [size=x-small] Screen went to commercial as Ryo celebrated in the ring.[/size]


    [size=x-small]Click Here if you think Ryo Akita will win
    Click Here if you think Johnny "Aftershock" Hernandez will win[/size]
    Written by Farooq

    Brent Nixon Vignette

    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]Camera cuts to a dark gym with a man sitting facing the corner with short brown hair, incredibly muscular, and numerous names down his back. He is wearing black three quarter MMA shorts and black trainers[/size]

    Brent Nixon: Hunger is what drives a man to deranged things

    [size=x-small]A cut of him punching a fan fades in and out[/size]

    Brent Nixon: Power then masks the mind

    [size=x-small]A shot of him locking in a triangle hold on an opponent rapidly flickers in and out[/size]

    Brent Nixon: And when hunger and power combine, the man is no more than a wrecking ball, and what is left behind is destruction

    [size=x-small]*Rage Against The Machine - Renegades of Funk kicks in*

    Shots of the man in a strickforce octagon hitting a powerslam on an opponent, followed by a cut to him locking in a fujiwara armbar

    Brent Nixon: Hunger feeds me

    [size=x-small]Shots of him hitting spears on various opponents cut in followed by a cut to a newspaper headline reading "UFC Terminates new star". Camera then cuts in a clothesline shot, knocking the opponent out[/size]

    Brent Nixon: Power is my weapon

    [size=x-small]Shots of the man delivering a series of right hands to a blooded opponent then referees and security pulling him off the opponent[/size]

    Brent Nixon: I am the wrecking ball...

    [size=x-small]Shot of the man hitting a jackknife powerbomb in a Federation X Development Territory ring[/size]

    Brent Nixon: I am Brent Nixon

    [size=x-small]Screen fades to black and cuts to commercials[/size]


    Written by Sackfist

    Wrestling Illustrated - Wesley Allen's new show

    Show Spoiler
    [size=x-small]The camera pans over the ring which has a dark red mat, the ropes are white. In the ring are three black couch chairs. In the corners are two ferns and between them is a large painted cardboard with the word Wrestling Illustrated on it. Wesley Allen stands in the ring with a mic[/size]

    Josh: Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to Federation X, and now we have a new "show" that Wesley Allen, our newest star has brought to Federation X, lets see what this has to offer

    Michael: The three men involved in the triple threat match main event will be in this show Michael, they've tagged together and tensions got high, lets see what happens when all three combustible elements of the match are brought together

    Wesley Allen: What is up world, Wesley Allen here the only official Superstar on Federation X. And this here is Wrestling Insider, this is where I get inside the head of Stars, and we kick this off with the arm smashing, asshole bashing, party crashing, Smooth talking, Champion of the Federation, Luis Boden!

    [size=x-small]*Luis's entrance theme hits*

    *Crowd Pop*

    The arena turns black for two seconds golden sparks then fall from the titantron as Luis enters the arena wearing a black trunks with a red stripe down each side and yellow stars on the back. Also wearing black and red kick pads with black boots, the Federation X Championship around his waist, with a grin on his face, soaking up the fans reaction.

    Josh: Here comes the Federation X Champion who in under two weeks will face Apollo CK & Phreak at Breakdown!

    Micahel: This will be his first title defense and a rematch to their Clash Of The Titan's match, this time no interference, Luis says there will be no difference in the outcome

    Luis slowely makes his way to the ring and climbs into the ring.

    Josh: Luis Boden now appears on Wrestler Illustrated, we will hear from the champion in this show

    [size=x-small]Luis poses on each of the turnbuckles before dismounting and taking a seat on one of the Black Couch chairs.[/size]

    Wesley Allen: The Federation X Champion is here, so I guess my question is what was your opinion of your match with former Champion Curt Cutlass

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Luis Boden: Well, Cutlass was actually a more difficult opponent than I expected, I didn't expect him to bring that much to the match, he was cunning, crafty and surprisingly a great opponent but I was too good and the better man

    Wesley Allen: Well that is why your the champion, but do you believe you can beat Phreak as it was due to Mad Dogg's interference that you became number one contender

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Luis Boden: Woah, hang on, Phreak came back in that match and it was after that I won, Apollo knocked Phreak out the ring which was when I got the win

    Wesley Allen: All I am saying is you have not been able to beat Phreak in your career.

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo Wesley even louder*[/size]

    Luis Boden: I am confident I can beat Phreak, but it is a triple threat match less you forget that, I can pin Phreak or Apollo to win

    Wesley Allen: That you can, lets bring out the man you pinned to get that title opportunity, Apollo CK...!

    [size=x-small]*Apollo's theme hits*

    *Crowd Pop*

    Apollo walks out wearing a Toga, golden boots, white knee pads and tapped wrists. He stands at the stage and looks out on the crowd before taking in a deep breath and walks down the ramp

    Josh: Here comes Apollo CK, a man who has been impressive lately, and has proven himself a worth competitor in this match up

    Michael: But Apollo has yet to beat Luis Boden in a match up

    [size=x-small]Apollo staggers his way up the stairs. He enters through the ropes and looks back on the fans.  He then removes his toga to reveal white trunks with gold initials "C" "K" and the back containing an archer shooting a bolt of lightning.[/size]

    Josh: Apollo CK looks to capture the Federation X Championship at Breakdown

    [size=x-small]Apollo takes a seat next to Luis [/size]

    Wesley Allen: Apollo welcome to the show, now if I recall Luis was the one who pinned you and won the title match at Summer Bash, he also beat you one on one, my question is do you really think you can beat Luis?

    [size=x-small]Apollo picks up the mic on his arm rest and sits forward[/size]

    Apollo: Allen, people see Luis and think he is the greatest, well I am one of the best, the hungriest of us all, Luis and Phreak have had actual title shots, well this is my first title shot and I am not going to let this go to waste.

    Wesley Allen: Great response, but please take a look at the titantron

    [size=x-small]The titantron plays Luis vs Apollo[/size]

    Josh: Ladies and gentlemen this match took place before Summer Bash and as you see right here, Luis hits a roll up

    Michael: 1...2...3 Luis gets the win

    [size=x-small]Camera cuts back to Wesley, Apollo and Luis in the ring[/size]

    Wesley Allen: Can you Apollo? Can you win?

    Apollo: You know, I am starting to feel this "show" is just a little way for you Allen to talk trash about some of the Federation X Originals

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Wesley Allen: Au Contraire Apollo, I am asking if you can beat Luis, I mean last week I defeated both you and Phreak in one night

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Boo*[/size]

    Apollo: Man are you a vulture, last week Hans did the damage, you picked up the scraps. You my friend should learn respect, you've been here a week and already you think your the best thing in this industry, let me tell you something Wesley, I may have lost to Luis in the past, but I could your ass, his ass, Phreak's ass any day of the week

    [size=x-small]*Major Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Wesley Allen: Wow! kittens got claws, well lets bring down the final man to the triple threat match, Phreak!

    [size=x-small]*Phreak's theme hits*

    *Crowd boo*

    The arena darkens momentarily then lights iluminate the stage and darken as Phreak walks out with a spotlight on him. Phreak is wearing baggy shorts that cover his knees, a skin tight black neon arm sleeve on his left arm and black old wrestling boots

    Josh: Here comes the final man to this triple threat match, Luis's arch-nemisis Michael, Phreak

    Michael: And my hand picked choice to win, Phreak, this guy is going to be champion

    Phreak walks slowly to the ring, analyzing the audience before brushing his hands through his hair as he makes his way up the steps.

    Josh: I wonder what questions will he be asked?

    [size=x-small]Phreak walks to Wesley and places his head underneath the arm, Phreak then lifts Welsey up and swings round to slam Wesley to the mat neck first[/size]

    [size=x-small]*Crowd Pop*[/size]

    Michael: Phreak with an Uranage to Wesley!

    [size=x-small]Phreak rolls outside the ropes and makes his way up the ramp as his theme hits. Luis and Apollo stand up and stare each other down[/size]

    Josh: Tensions are rising Michael, Who is going to win the triple threat match, Luis, Apollo or Phreak?

    Michael: Lets see what the fans decide, Post in the discussion and tell us who you think will win

    Josh: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us for Stars Of X, we hope you have enjoyed the show and we will see you next week at our go home show. Good Night

    [size=x-small]*Screen fades to black*[/size]


    [size=x-small]Click Here if you think Luis will retain the championship

    Click Here if you think Phreak CK will win

    Click Here if you think Apollo CK will win[/size]

    Written by Sackfist
  2. These first matches are looking good, hope the next matches will be as good as these, Also I think hans will win again.
  3. Apologizes for the delay, full show posted
  4. Good show. Will rate it in the ratings thread.
  5. goood show!
  6. Y SO MEAN 2 AFTERSHOCK! :cry: :sad: :((
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