Stars of X - 22/08/2012 PREVIEW CARD

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Sackfist, Sep 13, 2012.

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    Stars Of X this Saturday will be live in Queens, New York at the Elks Lodge. One Night Before away from the anticipated 2nd Stars Of X Only PPV, Breakdown things look to heat up:

    1st Ever Sirens Match

    Stars Of X will have the 1st ever Sirens Match, Scarlette Rose will be in action making her in-ring debut. She is scheduled to face Angel Corpus

    Iron Baba & Mike Silva vs ?

    Mike Silva and Iron Baba will be in action this week against a tag team, in practice for their upcoming title match. Who will they face?​

    Wrestling Illustrated

    Wesley Allen's interview show returns again, his guests are the Extreme Rumble winner Ryo Akita & his Breakdown Opponent Johnny Hernandez. What questions will be asked? As last show we saw that Wesley Allen tends to focus on the negative aspects of superstars career, what dirt will he drag up?​

    Alex Kidd in action

    Alex Kidd will be punished for his attack on his opponent last week Vinnie Rose, so now he faces an opponent, a hometown hero on Stars Of X​

    Luis in Queens

    Luis Boden has been spotted in Queens and looks to make an appearance on the show. What will the Federation X Champion have to say?​


    - Most posts on this thread by Friday will receive reputation
    - Posts must be in relation to the content in this post. You may comment as your character's twitter on this.
    - (This will be a weekly contest so rep will go out weekly)

    Federation X History Student
    - 1st One to post the answer to this question wins: When did Joey Saturn win the X-Championship?.

    *Contests end Friday*


    Prediction Contest: On Breakdown Preview Card, the official predictions will be need to be posted there

    Write your own promos: Stars Of X are now allowing people to write promos for their characters, this will happen after Breakdown airs, This however will be for those avid readers.
  2. Stars of X (14/07/2012) is when Joey Saturn won the X-Championship.
  3. Nice one @[Ariana Grande] Won the History Student one. Will see on Friday if you win Poster Maniac also
  4. Yes! Yes! Yes!

  5. Boden to make an appearance on Stars of X?? Looks like I'm about to start reading Stars as well. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. I need to do a lot of catching up, but I am deff. looking foward to reading Saturday. Going to try and make a name for myself! See you guys there
  7. I wanna know what the guys are rooting for. #ManHands or #Scarlette?
  8. #Scarlette! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  9. Hey, so you know the characters already? NIIIIICE! :emoji_slight_smile:) Hahaha, so you're rooting for the faces, eh?
  10. Personally looking forward to the Boden and wrestling illustrated segments the most. Both should be interesting as hell, looking forward to hearing more about Ryo and Aftershock's careers :yay:

    Still, the show's missing something IMO #WeWantBrent
  11. Kinda lol, this is from a fan's perspective, i still want my character (Ace Young) to be Heel
  12. Awesome. :emoji_grinning:D Angel is the top Siren heel I suppose.
  13. :haha: Your character will fail.

    Show Spoiler
    only joking :okay:
  14. Looking forward for Champ's quotes on PPv. Can make any predictions because I was away for a while.
  15. Congrats to @[BlueLADS23] winning Poster Maniac this week
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