Stars of X 28/09/2012 PREVIEW CARD

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Sackfist, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Stars Of X this Saturday will be live in Kansas City, Missouri at the Kemper Arena. Fresh of Breakdown. But now that Warzone's talent has become apart of Stars Of X. What will happen on this bigger brand?

    Sirens Match

    Scarlette Rose will be looking to get a win this week. She faces Lucy this week on Stars Of X​

    Badass Mugs vs Bones Brothers

    Mike Silva and Iron Baba will be in action this week. The Bones Brothers have cashed in their rematch. Will the new tag team champions hold on to their gold or was their win just a fluke?​

    Curt Cutlass returns to Stars

    Curt Cutlass, the former GM of Warzone returns to Stars Of X as a wrestler. What will he do now that he has had his power stripped off of him?​


    Luis Boden fresh of his victory has planned to celebrate his win live on Stars Of X. The new Internet Champion also wishes to have a party backstage​

    X-Champion has some words for the Forum members

    Joey Saturn now the longest reigning champion in Federation X. He has a special message for some of the WWEForums members.​


    - Most posts on this thread by Friday will receive reputation
    - Posts must be in relation to the content in this post. You may comment as your character's twitter on this.
    - (This will be a weekly contest so rep will go out weekly)

    Federation X History Student
    - 1st One to post the answer to this question wins: Which superstars did Ryo Akita eliminate in the Extreme Rumble?.

    - 1st One to post the answer to this question wins: Why was Alex Kidd Fired?.

    - 1st One to post the answer to this question wins: What 4 superstars were involved in the one night X-Championship tournament?.

    *Contests end Friday*


    Write your own promos: Stars Of X are now allowing people to write promos for their characters, this will happen after Breakdown airs, This however will be for those avid readers.
  2. Scarlette! :emoji_slight_smile:) That poor girl. XDDDDDD

    Do we have a Siren named Lucy? I did not know.... :((
  3. @AceYoung : Cutlass returns? Seems like he's ready to get his ass whooped


    @AceYoung: Oh and one more thing, congrats to Joey for having the CURRENT longest reign in Federation X history..just wait until I get my title shot B-)
  4. @[Sheldor], under the Curt Cutlass preview, you made a spelling error for "Stars of X".
  5. Austin Andrews still not getting pushed despite my activity. :emoji_slight_frown: He's never won a match either.
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