STars of X News 1/9/2012

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  1. Results

    Joey Saturn defeated Johnny Hernandez via tap-out.

    Smith forms a tag team made of iron Baba and Mike Silva, who will challenge the Bones brothers for the tag titles.

    Vinnie Rose defeats Alex Kidd again, with his new finisher, the LA Crush.

    Hans defeated Ronny Williams with the Giant Driver.

    Another Wesley Allen vignette appears.

    Iron Baba and Mike Silva defeated Phreak and Luis Boden with a roll over.


    #VinnieRoseDeservesTitleMatch, #German Giant (x2), and #Spike is going to win.

    Top Superstar

    I say Joey Saturn deserves Top Superstar for Star of X today, mostly because of his nice victory over Hernandez. he forced him to tap out, and has some momentum now, with this victory today.

    Power 5 of Stars of X

    5 - Johnny Hernandez

    He has picked up an L here today, but at least he hasn't lost three times in a row against the same opponent, like Alex Kidd has.

    4 - Hans

    Hans has finally gotten an appearance on the show, and made the most of it today with a victory, crushing Ronny Williams.

    3 - Vinnie Rose

    Vinnie has picked up yet a third victory in a row over Alex kidd, he is on a roll certainly. Seems like eh will get a title shot, very soon.

    2 - Mike Silva/Iron Baba

    The tag team picked up impressive victories over top superstars in Luis Boden and the Phreak, not a small feat by any means.

    1 - Joey Saturn

    See the reason in the Top Superstar section.

    My Predictions

    I believe Hernandez will return next week with a positive win, and I also think Saturn will pick up a win, too.

    Alex kidd should be calling out Rose again, and in my opinion, will lose again.

    In my opinion, Hans will follow up with another win against a scrub, further showing he's the top German athlete and wrestler today.

    I think Luis Boden will adrress Phreak about the the actions he took in the main event, and challenge him to match, where Boden wins.

    Rating of this Stars of X


    Good matches, nice promos, and we've got a match for Breakdown set up.

    Rumors for WarZone Next Week

    It has been confirmed the Tag Team tournament (which is planned to extend until Immortality) will officially begin next Wednesday.
  2. Stars Of X beat Warzone, eat your heart out Cutlass
  3. That made me giggle. :gusta:
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