Stars of X - Week 1

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  1. The first show of Stars of X is scheduled for Wednesday 29th February.

    Here is the current card*:
    • The confrontation between Phreak and Luis boils, what will happen when these two stars battle?
    • Super Spider vs. Aftershock
    • The Sholi vs. Apollo CK
    • Ryo vs Ramees
    • Also, will we see the debut of Geordie King?
    • PLUS! Who will be in contention to be the first ever Stars of X Champion?
    Make sure you check this section on Wednesday 29th February for the very first edition of Stars of X!
    [size=x-small]*Card is subject to change[/size]
  2. OOC. Stars of X champion? Wouldn't that be like saying RAW Champion?

    IC. Psyched to make my debut on the first ever Stars of X.
  3. Nice Johnathon, not giving much away but leaving people intrigued about what could happen, thats the way to sell it imo, good job
  4. It's the Federation X title, aside from that a nice build up.
  5. I never said the title was called Stars of X, but they would be the champion of Stars of X :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Still sounds awkward to me, it's like someone becoming the champion of Raw rather then WWE champion. It's technically right but seems to be a bit of an awkward way of saying it imo.
  7. I'm gonna squash that pissant Aftertool.
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  8. Can I request that we have some sort of timetable like:

    Sunday: Wrestler A writes and sends to wrestler B
    Monday: Wrestler B writes and sends to head booker
    Tuesday: Bookers look over matches and send back/change as needs be
    Wednesday: Show put together and posted at xx:xxPM
  9. It looks very cool, I'll be joining the federation ASA frickin P.
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  10. Just join, motherf'er, I'm just waiting for you future jobbers and future endeavored to come in. The skulls will be crushed by the iron hand of Super Spider. You better stay in your fancy WWE, or whereever the hell you're jobbing and kissing asses. This is for real, numbskull!
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  11. Since this is March, Our first PPV will be King of the World.
  12. I, Ryo Akita, shall be King of The World. I was king of Tokyo back in Japan - there is no reason I cannot conquer here in America. It shouldn't take much, all you pussy boys running around in panties thinking you can wrestle. I'll kick you into next week. Watch this.
  13. Hopin fo something gooood
  14. Eeeyo! When is this happening exactly?
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  15. Time, brother. Time!
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  16. Tune in on 10 PM, I believe?
  17. Do you rove tea?
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