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  1. As you know, after the PPV: Breakdown, Stars Of X are allowing people to write their own promos for their characters.

    This however is if you are the following:

    • Active in the discussion (creating discussion topics and replying to others)
    • Extremely participative in the Stars Of X Preview cards (posting your views, predictions, the history you know)
    • Rating: Post ratings each week, and post your opinions on each segment

    The following people are allowed to write their own promos:

    Asskicker - (Mike Silva)
    Hannah James - (Scarlette Rose)
    Jose Tortilla - (Vinnie Rose)

    People who could look to write their own characters promos:
    Show Spoiler

    DatKidFromJersey (When he debuts and as long as you continue to participate)

    Kayfab (More posts in discussion and on preview card)

    Aids Johnson (If you make a new character for SOX or if Aids Johnson is ever drafted to SOX)

    R'Albin (Brent once he debuts and as long as you continue to participate)

    If you are not listed, follow the requirements above and you will be able to

    Promos will be written if you do not provide them. Stars Of X are ahead in writing, so when we send the Promo guidelines to you, you have 2 days to send your promo. You will receive codes to use for dialogue. If you do not provide it by the deadline, a promo will be written for you

  2. Oh oh oh, this should be on warzone too. Aids own promos? :win:
  3. Unfortunately after much discussion, Stopspot doesn't want to incorporate this into Warzone, so this will be a Stars Of X only thing until that day
  4. If i didnt love spot so much, id demand a brand jump, but everyone goes to Aids Johnson's Warzone. (thats a gimmick deal im pretty into, the whole RAW is jericho ripoff)
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