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Jonny Nostradamus

Man of Destiny

It is now time to lay out my decision for the Xbox One League (a.k.a Saturday Night Ignition)

I have had a week (and then some) to work over every option and weigh the opinions of those that provided one.

Let me start by saying something personal:
This league (and every incarnation of it) has been a part of my life for a long while, longer than most of the people currently in it. The only people that have been involved as long as me, and possibly longer are @impactking and @LukeTheGreatFTW. Two people who have been nothing short of essential to the league. This league has been through the long dead MachinimaPalooza forums (every iteration of that place), the Smackdown Hotel forum, TWF, it had its own website for an extremely short time and most people probably don't recall that, and finally here on WWEF. Whether it was known as Microsoft Mayhem, Exodus or Ignition, the one constant was the stellar people involved. The league has been through MANY management changes and it was even abandoned at certain points. We ALWAYS managed to find a way back on our feet. When CM PuLs3 left, we had Muuuftah. When Muuuftah left, we had YELLOW (@SupaHeeroh), and when YELLOW stepped down, it came to me, Jet Starr (and shortly thereafter I got the help of @Emo as well). YELLOW was hands down the best GM we ever had, and had I not been busy in my personal life, I might have given you a run for your money bro.

The league had been struggling since WWE 2K15. From then, it was a slow decline in members. Yes, some left to the PS4. Some didn't enjoy the way the games were going towards simulation. Some simply moved on from the league. We had new faces come and go (some left before they began). Honestly, even with YELLOW's spectacular effort and guidance, the real league died during WWE 2K16. Under my management, I was attempting to rebuild from the frame that he, and those before him, had laid out.

The plans for this league were big. Provided we had enough members, there might have been a chance. Throughout the course of this game cycle, I had been in talks with many other leagues about collaborating to benefit both leagues and this site in some way. However, just about all of those leagues wanted control over Ignition/its participants in the long run and I could never allow that to happen, regardless of the shape we were in. Those of us left built a community and I'd dare say a family (but one of those families where everyone secretly hates each other). I couldn't let that be taken from us, I would rather we fizzle out with pride, then be taken over and thrown away like trash.

I love this place.
I see many of the league members as brothers.
I write this post with a heavy heart, because since this posts exists, it means that this leagues hectic journey has finally come to an end.

Effective immediately, the Xbox League is closing its doors for good.

I would greatly appreciate if @Solidus could have this place archived in the WWE Games section, because I wouldn't want all of this time erased. If anyone wants to see old iterations of the league, I am positive that the waybackmachine (Wayback Machine) has some archives of the old sites I mentioned above.

On a lighter note, from the ashes of this, something new will rise.
Is it a league? No.

It will share elements of many different things that already exist (and don't exist) on this website.
I hope it will be a good spiritual successor to this place.

I look forward to WWE 2K18 and I look forward to hopefully leading some of you people through something new, should you wish to join me.

With all of this sappiness out of the way, I suppose there's only one thing left to say.

Goodbye, for now.


*george wlk 2 ofice*

george: ur all fiurd nd eviktid!

*george go home*

(Hope people still remember this joke)​
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