Statuses not* working?

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  1. Anyone else getting this? I can't create a status when I click on the bitty, or even comment on one - it just doesn't respond. And no I'm not using IE.
  2. Urm works fine for me, what browser are you using? Also laptop/pc/phone etc?
  3. Mine are good.
  4. Google chrome on my Samsung whatever. Strange, was working previously.
  5. Just tested on my S3 and works fine there too :S
  6. I'll figure a way round it, think I might need to update Chrome or something :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  7. Let me know if that does fix it.
  8. I can't find anything that says to, but I'm sure something about an update showed up the other day. Doesn't matter, I'm not that fussed and it isn't affecting other members. I'm sure it'll fix itself somehow.
  9. You tried like Opera Mini or something?
  10. I cant click on it either on chrome or firefox
  11. What's Opera mini?
  12. Phone browser.
  13. I don't have that, I have an HTC and it's working okay on there, just the usual mobile thing.
  14. Usual mobile thing? Confused now :hmm:.
  15. I assume he means the stock browser, which phone is it Ryan?
  16. Yeah that's what I meant, and the HTC I always desired.
  17. Statuses working better than Greece's banks.
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  18. She is:

  19. I'll trade my piece of string for it.
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