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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. What is something you seen another person do that just made you think... "Have some f'ing class!!"?

  2. Girls peeing in the street drunken is defo up there.
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  3. :dafuq: You seen this happen before!?
  4. Fans wishing injury on rival sportsman.
  5. Haha yes hundreds of times.
  6. Every night out I see a girl squatting in the street.
  7. Blokes hitting on girls when they aint single
  8. :eww:

    That can't be too attractive.
  9. Unless you have a pee fetish.

  10. :ohgod: thats just gross

  11. Saw an old female classmate peeing in the streets drunk on Saturday..

    I was like :booker: damn, you rock bottom now or what? :maybe:
  12. When butt-hurt Americans posted Facebook statuses mentioning WWII after Japan won the World Cup.

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  13. Education level - 100.000.000
  14. Another when ppl post fb status updates saying like if u think im cute comment if ud date me inbox if ud shag me. Just lame.
  15. The most irritating thing about Facebook is when fucking girls post pictures of themselves and captioning it, "Omg, I'm so ugly! :emoji_slight_frown:"

    That kind of shit makes me want to quit being female.
  16. Very annoying also. Too many attention seeking ppl but in such a bad way.
  17. Desperation is a filthy animal. :pity:
  18. Whenever I see girls getting all upset and fighting over some boy who's banging them both, they seem to be quite content to lose all their dignity over one random guy who's usually a massive cock.
  19. Or has a massive cock
  20. But doesn't have one. :pity::dawg:
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