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  1. Basically the same thing as that other game (sex, marry, kill) but with objects. I played this on a few other forums. Good way to pass the time.

    Steal - Something that you would basically never pay for but want.
    Borrow - Something that you would never pay for but use temporarily.
    Keep - Something you would buy, use, and keep.

    I will start off with three random objects, the next person picks what they would do with each, and then posts their own three. It can be any three objects. Feel free to be as creative or thoughtless as you like. Remember, only objects... No animals or people.

    An Xbox One - A King Size Bed - Rights (ownership) To A Public Place (Museum, Library, ect.)
  2. XBOX - Keep
    Bed - Steal (dunno how I would)
    Rights - Borrow


    A Lifetime Legend Package (On this forum), A new PC, and your own teddy bear from when you were a child.
  3. A WWEF Lifetime Legend Package - Buy
    A new PC - Steal
    My own teddy bear - Borrow. lol

    Your favorite artists' record
    A brand new BMW
    A barrel of Budweiser
  4. Budweiser - Steal
    Records - Borrow
    BMW - Keep

    The ability to be in WWE Creative, but with no pay
    The most expensive pair of shoes (Ones that you'd prefer)
    Lifetime NJPW World
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