STEAM > MS > Sony. Forget about Nintendo

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    I'm happy for the ps4 fans today getting to see waht they will drop their $500+ on (games controllers console included) BUT i hope you all check this out. Steam is a badass deal for the pc gamers, and we are looking at possible cross platform vs pc users gametypes, and a GRIP of dedicated online gaming servers. The only way this console could be better, is if i can buy Elder Scrolls Online, which will be amazing.

    You jerks have any thoughts? Share links/vids/whatever, but please at least give this a look. A new console to the war is the best option possible.
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  2. New Killzone trailer for PS4. Looking at the textures, graphics, reflections and just awesomness:
  3. I don't really like Nintendo
  4. It looks great, and im sure 720 will do work graphics wise also. Unfortunately, Steam will > all with online play, capabilities, dedicated servers, better costs, and less bullshit in one package.

    I respect people liking both systems, ive been xbox since dreamcast died (sadly) but the steam box is going to be amazing.
  5. It does look like they are looking for ways to integrate backwards compatibility, so thats nice
  6. The way it's going right now the Steam Box is looking to be a flop. As it will be sold with their own custom Linux distribution it will have pretty shit compatibility. The beta build (I think it's still beta?) for the Linux version of Steam now features a whopping 50 games, mostly Valve made games and indie games. No real AAA games. Major developers have also said that they have no interest of porting their games to work with Linux distributions as they don't believe it has a big enough venue.

    Although Gaben himself has already commented on it being very customizable, and being able to install Windows and remove their Linux distribution onto it. But I guess that completely defeats the purpose.

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    this is coming from a massive steam and linux fanboy, btw
  7. For ps4 you are talking. I get you like it, but this is steam box discussion, make a thread for ps4. Check out steam and compare? Sure.

    As far as nintendo, i was born in 1986, and have played vids since i can remember. Nintendo was amazing as a kid, and wii was easy to mod, having a couple good games, wiiu was a great idea but i have no interest in it. It's like ps3 move, i ONLY frolfed with it. Great idea, nothing sold. Kinnect? I have heard good things, but i want a controller.

    I doubt steam has either of those, but the system will be effective, and competition on the big guys will be good for us all (drive prices down, better servers, etc)
  8. what is steam box? like computer gaming on a console?
  9. Its a year from going on, ill take 50 starting.
  10. PS4 looks like the opposite of revolution. I expected better things for both MS and Sony with their new platforms, but both fucksuck hard at the moment (especially Sony). I think I'll just spend the same amount of money on a good gaming PC and get back into PC-Gaming. Naturally I'll be buying the new Xbox eventually for Fifa (to play online to make money), but that's it.
  11. So you'll spend $500 on a "console" that has no AAA games on it whatsoever apart from Steam made games? Why not just use your PC?
  12. It's a very customizable "console" pretty much. You have most benefits you get from PC Gaming through it like modding and non-matchmaking servers.
  13. Oh, well i dont like PC gaming, so i guess its not for me :otunga:
  14. You don't like complete freedom through customization and would rather overpay for your video games and your online services?

  15. They said that it doesn't currently support backwards compatability but they're working on 'ground breaking technology' to allow PS1/2/3 and PSMobile games on the PS4. This interests me :lol1:
  16. no i just prefer to buy something and not have to fuck around with it every month adding new mods. PC gamers crack me up with their false sense of superiority.
  17. And that's what the Steam Box is for. Though I admit that it looks like a failure.

    And you know what mods are, right? They aren't mandatory updates :dawg:
  18. Or....steambox? :obama:

    Seriously i agree, as a huge ms fan since 03 i couldnt be happier than to see more competition
  19. I have to use the Xbox for Virgin media tournaments, and it's the console I am most familiar with. I presume Virgin will operate in the same way for the 720.
  20. Launch games are usually not that great.

    there are a grip of exclusive games for steambox that will be great, people will hate but im looking to l4d3 coming out....then there are NEW games that will not be halo or god of war, but are you not open to a new series?

    Competition will make them ALL better, and i, for one, could give 0 fucks about graphics, i want good games.
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