Games Steam Summer Sale 2017

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Closed, Jun 22, 2017.

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  1. The Steam Summer sale just started. Currently it's hard to get on the site, but the sale looks decent from where I was standing anyway. Not like the crazy stuff I hear, but it looks good. Post the deals in this thread so people know about them.
  2. Saints Row is having a decent sale right now. Looks good if you want to play those games
  3. Styx: Master of Shadows - 5,99€ (80% off)
  4. Some Decent deals there guys. The Wolf Among Us is 5,74€
  5. She has it already.
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  6. A few of the bigger titles are 50% off right now. Sniper Elite was I believe
  7. I got it already for $20. lol I just got Depth and Insurgency though.
  8. Oops I didn't see that you were told lol
  9. Any suggestions on any interesting titles I should get for $10 or less?

    I prefer RPGs but am open to other fun games.
  10. Can't get on the site. I'll just wait a couple days.
  11. I had issues but was able to get a few games. Probably best to try again later in the evening. First day is always rough.
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  12. What games do you play now?
  13. Me and Soli got these:

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  14. This looks interesting :

  15. @Just Kitten You might like this. It is under $10 and a RPG of sorts

  16. Sims 3 is only $5 lol

  17. $2 for a classic

  18. Dragon Ball is 50% off

  19. Going to pick up Portal 2 for $2.. Final Fantasy 7 for $6 (because the emulator version sucks and I don't feel like playing it on my PS3 all the time).. Torchlight 2 for $5.. The Room and The Room 2 for $1.25 each.. Trine 2: Complete Story for $3.. Spelunky for $2.25.. Shadowgate (2014) for $2.25 (Loved the NES version!).. Evoland for $5.. The Cave for $5..

    I'm trying to find some mystery solving games too... ones where you like go through a house and find clues then try and solve the mystery.
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