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  1. Ya i won a game called portal and half life 2 from a site called steamgifts. The problem is you need your steam account worth 50 bucks or more. The chances of winning is really low until you post alot thanks and enter bunch of contests. Dont even ask how many portal contests i had to enter to win.
  2. Lol congrats man :O. Is Portal a good game? I've never played it, but most people I know say it's relatively good.
  3. Yeah Crayo its an amazing game. And OP, nice for you. I've joined over 150 entries and haven't won anything. The bot hates me I guess.
  4. Got a brief summary of it? Too lazy to YouTube it, lol :biggrin::biggrin:
  5. 1. You get an invite
    2. You register and login
    3. You enter a shitload of giveaways from games although you need to pay points to enter (no worries you get them each hour or so)
    4. You comment on the giveaways saying stuff like awesome giveaway, etc.

    Although, I dunno if its invite-based anymore, it was when I joined.
  6. Sounds like a ton of effort, but if you win, I guess it's worth it.
  7. Yeah but its a bitch to win when there are 1000's of users entering the same giveaway as you did.