Ring of Honor Steen and Strong get WWE tryout

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    Well finally Steen at least gets a tryout. Also lol @ Elgin seemingly getting denied. Always happens to him.
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    Steen will be a big loss, I want him to win the title for a 2nd time but if he does get a chance to sign then its well deserved. Strong is a good worker but he has no personality and wwe are high on people with a good personality
  3. Still personally conflicted on Steen, but hell, even seeing him on NXT would be sweet. Not much faith that WWE will allow for him to do what he does that makes him great either in ring or on stick.
  4. Damn was hoping they'd bring in a tag team, still would be cool to see either of the two on NXT tho.
  5. On the stick I could see working, if they're allowing guys like Wyatt to cut their kind of promos there should be no issue with Steen if he impresses. Ringwork is were it gets iffy, especially since Steen in 2013 took a downturn in ringwork quality. Basically all he does now is spots and brawling (or in PWG, comedy hijinks). But he's 29 and the performance center is the place if any to work on ring work. Plus probably a lot of guys there that would get him motivated as well. Both indy guys he loves working with and new people.
  6. Not that I've watched ROH or much of anything Steen did in 2013, but I would imagine motivation is a factor after the 2012 he had, he probably thinks it is time to move on to bigger and better things and he is correct.
  7. Motivation is definitely a factor. Another big factor in his motivation is also probably the crop of talent to work with. In 2012/early 2013 he lost a lot of the guys he was used to working with. A new crop of guys have stepped up since then but as you said, might be time for old Steeno-rino to move on, or else he'll end up wrestling Elgin and his skullet for all eternity.
  8. I know I've said it 1 billion times, but seriously shame on TNA for not bringing this guy in at some point.
  9. Shame indeed. Now I'm not so sure how well of a spot he'd carve in TNA, since Bully Ray's character does a lot of what Steen does (assuming Steen goes in as a heel where his forté definitely is) and does it better.
  10. Steen could have been brought in as Bully's apprentice/heir apparent to the bully throne :fap:
  11. Brother Steen?
  12. Just imagine the hilarity of Bully going around backstage introducing Steen and then they clown on everyone they see.
  13. Strong does nothing at all for me. Just plain bland. Don't see him getting signed unless they need a new Ryder. As for Steen I think his skill set is better suited to TNA. Especially his mic work, he'd be stifled in WWE.
  14. Seeing Kevin Steen as a main eventer in the WWE would be awesome. A little ahead of myself, but just thinking about the future.
  15. I would fucking love to see Kevin Steen on NXT just to job to Sami Zayn if he can't get a contract. But, I honestly don't see them hiring Kevin Steen. He's said that he doesn't like being away from his family and I don't see WWE giving him anything more than a Developmental Contract. He also has a gut which makes WWE's choice harder for them to choose him but his mic skills are better than anyone's on the roster. Hell, I like Steen's mic skills and what he does a lot more than Punk. WOULD FUCKING MARK to see him come out and job to Sami Zayn like the Wolves did to Ascension and it said "Steen Kevin" and he loses to Zayn but continues to hug Zayn and latch on to him. He could be like "I MISS YOU BUDDY!" while security pulls him away.

    Roderick Strong on the other hand, I don't really care for him to be honest. I can watch his matches no problem but him in WWE is eh at best. They already have Zayn & Callihan, he can just go back to TNA or something.
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