Steen losing weight

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  1. [​IMG]

    He definitely looks slimmer than before. Seems like his promise to get in better shape is going good so far.

    Also he got to see a panda.
  2. :mog: he does look lighter there.
  3. Awesome. Let's hope the big dog takes notice.
  4. I already have don't worry.
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  5. :pity1:

    Need a Steen smiley.
  6. Now he needs to start lifting weights lol
  7. Cut one.
  8. He needs to start working out overall. In the Davey Richards vs Steen interview DVD he says he doesn't work out at all. Explains his physique.
  9. It's odd that someone who does no work can be so flexible given his size and injuries. I know some people have a great athletic base but he is still a pretty freakish athlete.
  10. You cut one
  11. You
  12. no u
  13. The only thing I cut are my wrists when Lady Deathbane rejects my love.
  14. emo
  15. no comma you
  16. Guys go be faggots somewhere else, before I call the Death Star.
  17. Keep this LQ shit out of here and stay on topic. :pity2:
  18. stfu ashley LQ shit is only allowed when Crayo's involved. When he's not he acts high and mighty
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  19. Looks in a really better shape, hope he keeps going like this
  20. Well duh.
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