Steen turning face?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 8, 2013.

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    Seems like with the build up we had to 11th Anniversary, with Steen saying that he loved Ring of Honor and was proud to be champion again, as well as helping Lethal up after the beatdown by SCUM that we might possibly see a face turn for wrestling's worst nightmare come soon. What is your opinion on that?

    Personally I welcome it. Steen has done everything he can do as a heel in the company and to avoid another long hiatus from him he needs to turn face or at least tweener in my opinion. But I cannot pinpoint when I think he will turn, will it be after facing Briscoe (Jay) or Cole? And will there be a double turn to create another main heel in the company? I don't see SCUM going away soon but I don't think Corino is the guy to keep leading it if Kevin turns.

    opinions and or thoughts?
  2. If this were to happen, I can see him beating Briscoe, start to celebrate, and then subsequently getting beat down by the Briscoe brothers. They can beat him to the point of being knocked out so that the crowd can give him sympy. He comes out the next week on TV and apologizes for his actions, blah blah blah, SCUIM attacks him, he beats the shit out of SCUM, turn complete.
  3. SCUM is so big now that having Steen beat them all off would put them all up as jobbers. Without Steen there are 7 members now. What would it say about a group of 7 if one dude took them all out at once?
  4. Sorry, I meant Jacobs and Corino specifically.
  5. That could work. Steen is already getting cheers for saying that he loves the company so his turn is already started in my opinion. But who will step up to lead SCUM in Steen's absence? Will Cole turn from out of nowhere? Elgin? Lethal? Someone out of the existing SCUM (Corino, Jacobs, Titus, Rhino, Compton, Hardy, Rave)?
  6. I figure whomever they have as the #2 heel in the company. Elgin seems to be going face too, so if I had to guess it'd be Corino for the time being so they can feud, because of their history. Rave would be awesome to see, I love the guy.
  7. He's never felt like a heel anyway IMO, he's a tweener. I know ROH fans barely boo awesome talent but every match is filled with Kill Steen Kill chants for example.

    Also picture threads are my swag :cornette:
  8. Elgin has been face for months now. Also this is one of my gripes with ROH currently. There is no number 2 heel. Steen was THE heel. All other heels were subservient to him. Truth Martini or RD Evans are the only options I can think off and neither are built up to be big heels.
  9. Exactly, like I said, Corino could fill in for now, but I don't know what would happen after that. Turn Richards?
  10. Davey as an arrogant prick heel tends to work IMO. I'm keen on them doing a double turn with Cole at Border Wars, Scum attack Steen feign attack Cole before he smiles and they align. SCUM say Steen getting tame, so needed new management.
  11. With Davey having just reunited with Edwards I don't see a reason why. Plus with his prodigy (mini douchebag Kyle O'Reilly) turning on him and teaming with Bobby Fish to steal the tag belts I don't see how that would play in, Wolfs vs ReDragon (stupidest name in tag wrestling) seems dead set.
  12. If its going to happen, it'll definitely be in Toronto, to maximize the cheers for Steen.
  13. So would Cole lead SCUM upon his turn or would that fall on Corino and Jacobs?

    Also yeah Dabey should play an arrogant prick. Because isn't that what he is really? He doesn't have that good a rep.
  14. Yeah this is why a dirty win would be awesome for both guys, Steen get's his chance to be pissed off again. What is his problem currently? He's got the title and ROH is all about him and his lack of honor, even Jim has anal bleeding.

    Adam has his rematch for the TV title still doesn't he? If so couldn't he lose dirty, go to Nigel for another match which Nigel refuses as he's got the title match coming up giving Cole a bit of a reason to turn.

    He sees this as a lack of honor as he was screwed out of his title so aligns with SCUM? With the WWE link I can't help but think of a Summer of Punk style story with Cole, him threatening to leave the title would be awesome IMO, especially if the E sign Jacobs too. Those two threatening to leave would be the kickstart ROH has needed for a while.
  15. As I said previously. Steen has apparently stopped being angry and mad at the company. He thanked Lethal for getting rid of Cornette (who is gone from the company for reals apparently) and says he is now focused on being a fighting champion or something like that.
  16. In my fantasy world?

    Adam leaves Scum signs his WWE contract as does Jacobs and threatens to leave with the title, this causes a big crack in SCUM eventually between Jacobs and Cole vs the rest.

    Corino and Hardy turn face as they tell Cole and Jacobs being in the E isn't all it's cracked up to be. This leads to those two putting their careers on the line vs Cole and Jacobs for the title (if they won it would be forefitted), Cole and Jacobs win leading to Hardy and Corino fucking off, Elgin possibly picks the title up in the end just to see how he'll get on.
  17. How long can he keep that shit on though? The fighting champion is a pretty shallow character IMO.
  18. Only problem I see with that is Hardy. Hardy's entire ROH character is the dejected but egotistical ex-WWE wrestler. Hyping up his WWE run. He called Nigel McGuinnes a waste of life or something like that because he failed at getting to the E. And this was the catalyst for the Cole/Hardy feud. So Hardy suddenly saying it isn't all it is cracked up to be would in my mind require some massive work. But I see where you are coming from.
  19. He's only been doing it for less than a month or something if I remember correctly. But yeah, it only works for so long.
  20. I'm working from very few bits of ROH as I really skip through their product admittedly, It'd be a bit crap but could you have Corino talking to Hardy about how the WWE spat him out like they did to him post the WCW buy out. Even mention how they gave Jeff a world title but never gave Matt one. It'd be a solid evolving stage for the grape destroyed imo.
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