Steen vs Generico feud

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  1. Since this section is now including other wrestling companies I think it's time for some Steen Generico.

    The background to this is one of my favorite in recent years. Steen and Generico teamed for two years in ROH primarily. Winning the ROH tag titles once. However at final battle 2009 after a loss to the Young Bucks Steen attacked generico after the match setting up a year long blood feud between the two which ended a year later in a fight without honor in which Generico wagered his mask against Steen's ROH career.
    A few of the hype videos.

    The match itself was a great showing of talent from both men with the psychology being incredibly strong especially involving the chair shot.. If I could show a person one match to get them into indie wrestling it would either Punk Vs Joe 2 or this. It was that good.
    Steen vs Generico final battle

    This second part i'm going to put in spoiler tags to avoid ruining the first match.
    The best match of 2011 yes even above Punk / Cena for me. The build up was simple enough Generico won the battle of Los Angeles tournament so had the chance to chose a title match of his choosing. Kevin Steen was the PWG world champion, you can probably guess where this is going. The build up whilst not as exceptional as last time was strong enough, mainly due to the hype of seeing if these two can match their last encounter. Both men took some really sick bumps such as the tornado ddt on the floor after Generico dove over a ladder. The main selling point for this match imo is how Steen works the crowd specifically the Generico fans in attendances. He bickers he torments he works them into a frenzy mainly on his side bizarrely. The major return at the end is a big moment for any PWG fan. 41/2*
    Steen vs Generico Steen Wolf

    Overall two of the best matches both in storytelling and execution. I cannot recommend these two enough even to fans who've never watched out of WWE.
  2. Have to admit that did look incredible. I'm really gonna have to get into RoH. It's hard though, does it even televise here?
  3. Sadly they don't broadcast over here at all. However you can get downloads to most shows There is a link to the show from the 10th its the latest one I think.
  4. Ah cheers, pretty sure they'll be on YouTube. Do you know the schedule? For example every monday or?
  5. I think it saturday or sunday usually. I haven't watched much since they got bought out by Sinclair tbh.