Steen Wolf

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  1. So, about the Steen Wolf group. Hwat is it about? :hmm:
  2. It's just a group. No group has a meaning.
  3. Yeah, they do. NWO group is obviously about NWO. Just wanted to know if it was about something or a reference to something as well.
  4. LOL! That's just the name of the group. It's not like they have internal talk about the nWo.
    Steen Wolf =[​IMG]
  5. I never said they did...? :dafuq:

    I only said the NWO group is obviously about NWO, nothing more than that...
  6. Well if you say it that way, it could be about the Illuminati.(Craylumminati!):vince:
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  7. I'm still waiting for someone to make that group. :haha:
  8. :yes: that would be fun to see datkid freak out in happiness.
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  9. Steen Wolf is about killing everybody, just like KENTA and his one true GTS.

    At least, that's what I'm guessing, since Steen kills things.
  10. We're also all zoo enthusiasts.
  11. A few reasons

    1. Spud still hasn't gotten his wrist tape from the car
    2. I enjoy zoos
    3. ColeMiner likes to call himself a princess, needs a bit more zombie thiugh
    4. I didn't like the theology people had about Showoff and how it was the best group when really it's me and Stop posting cat videos
    5. Steen > you.
  12. Basically they made it so we can steal the group colour and make it the new Chairman colour.

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