News steph and Brie doesn't draw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 29, 2014.

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  1. Quite the drop despite the overall strong rating. Guess people ain't ready for women's wrestling to main event yet.

  2. That's probably because no one really cares about brie. People cared about DB overcoming the authority and HHH. Steph is a top notch heel, if in the place of Brie were Trish/Lita/Mickie than I'm sure the crowd would be way more invested. Brie has been a lifetime heel up until very recently, she didn't even really have a storyline face turn so that the crowd could back her. Creative thought, "since you guys love DB then you'll automatically have to love his wife as well" doesn't quite work like that. Hell, even Nattie would have been a better choice. Such is life, it's just too bad they're wasting Steph's gold on brie.
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  3. Personally, I am looking forward to this match more than Wyatt/Jericho, AJ/Paige, or some of the other matches on the SummerSlam card. But of course the majority of the viewers of WWE now don't remember when Steph used to wrestle.. they are just a bunch of marks who want to see the same shit over and over again.
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  4. shocking
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  5. Women are good to trot out every so often for the lads

    But if I wanted to see two wenches brawl, i woulf go down town on a Saturday.

    Just stick to the tits and arse my lovelys
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  6. Still an impressive number. And one week's rating isn't enough to completely condemn a feud. Last week's rating was probably largely due to being the post-PPV show coupled with the anticipation of who Hunter would name as Cena's opponent for Summerslam (especially with rumors circulating that it would be Brock Lesnar.) It's hardly surprising that there was a drop-off this week.

    Stephanie vs Brie is certainly not a main event-caliber feud (no female rivalry is, obviously) but I still enjoy it when they occasionally place midcard/upper-midcard feuds into the main event slot as a way of getting those angles a little more attention.
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  7. Women aren't expected a draw huge number, are they? It's the reason the WWEWHC is the main belt and not the Diva's title.
    The number ought to be encouraging given that these were two women closing the show.
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  8. Just one week's show. Granted I don't think it's a big draw or anything, but numbers may improve later.
  9. Senhor pretty much hit the nail on the head, Brie has only recently been acting against The Authority. Before then she was a full on Total Diva heel with her sister. She didn't really have a face turn, unless you count her marrying Daniel Bryan on a reality show almost nobody watches. Besides that, they pretty much ignited the build last week and it's just not at the big fight feel stage like some other feuds are.
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  10. Ignited the feud last week?

    The stalking by Kane (as ordered by The Authority) started all this and then standing up for her husband, Brie quitting, and the initial bitch name calling and slap, then the confrontation with Stephanie backstage after Nikki invited Brie, then the thrashing of Nikki every week for nearly a month now... and then the slap confrontation on RAW and subsequent arrest of Steph.. and finally the culmination (not igniting) of the feud with the confrontation on RAW with the rehiring of Brie and the match confirmed.. so that the feud can come to a conclusion at SummerSlam.. that's more than a month (almost 2 months) of buildup to get where we are now.

    Look, I understand you guys don't like Brie.. as mind boggling as that is to me knowing that she's one of only 5 or 6 divas on the roster with real in-ring talent... but damn, seriously.. they've built this shit up.. there is a big match feel to it. So just give it a rest and enjoy it when it happens.. or go take a shit and skip it.. either way I'm going to enjoy it.
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  11. Sure there's been some build, but the feud between Steph and Brie hasn't been put on the front burner until last week. Hence the use of the word ignite. And just because I seemed to undermine the feud in my other post(which I didn't) doesn't mean I don't like Brie. It's like I just sent death threats to her via twitter, chill. As for the stance about this feud everyone has their own opinion, and just because you like it doesn't mean everyone else will. There's no changing that.
  12. I'm sorry, but a Bella vs Steph doesn't have a big match feel, a divas match as never had that.

    Just because you enjoy it doesn't mean that everyone else has to or else they shouldn't voice their opinions about it.

    Oh, btw, most marks do know that Steph wrestled. Marks usually know a lot about wrestling, who could forget her mixed tag match with Test against Double J and Debra? Classic. Just because they don't enjoy this feud, doesn't mean they want the same shit. It could just mean 1.The feud is fuck suck 2. They have no interest in the feud because it's Divas.
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  13. Completely off character here but they really dodged a bullet with Mickie James, this storyline would of been amazing for a diva with the mic abilities and in ring skills that she had/has.
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  14. You sent death threats to her Twitter?! HOW DARE YOU!!!

    I'll deal with you first week of the fantasy league!! You're going down!!
  15. This prediction has been flying around the net. if this does come true, i'll be 100% behind the idea.

    Who's the better twin? we'll find out soon enough if that predict comes true. We've already seen them in two one on one matches but never in an actual feud that resembles betrayal. #FutureTellingFrie
  16. Stephanie McMahon is giving Brie a rub. She wouldn't need a rub in the first place if she were already a star, right?
    The entire purpose of this feud is to build Brie Bella to be a star.
    The circumstances surrounding this push are irrelevant. The bottom line is WWE sees an opportunity to make money off Brie.
    I find it humorous that their essentially two women's divisions once again: the fluff (Brie) and the tuff (AJ)
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  17. But it ended the show so someone cares!

    I think a storyline where Brie is caught fucking HHH is much more entertaining. Just me.
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  18. You just want DB to end up tagging steph you sly bastard :lol1:
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  19. I don't think its because she is a woman. I think its because nobody is vested in her. DB has a big following. Brie does not. That is all there is to it.
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