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  1. That right there is a teaser. You clicked to know what I say. At this point if you normally disagree, stop reading because this is not fact, "Just a feelin" as my dude champ kind would say.

    Im at work, clanging and banging then wrestling came up. For the first 30 mins all I did was sit there and listen. It became clear that casual wrestling fans are real into Cena (their kids love em) DB, and actually alot of guys like the big show. Fucking threw me for a loop. The older guys fav was the Rock. I started to realize how much SC and the Rock changed the E forever. That was the consensus, then of course some guys said godfather and mark henry ( Yes, the majority of the guys im in a crew with are black) for what its worth i think the other guys like stone cold and hogan.

    Finally, i just blurt it out. I am a big Bryan guy, started mentioning how ive followed his career, blah blah blah they prob think im gay, whatever. I finally say, ya know what, I think he could handle the top spot but they just wont let him.

    Then a dude goes "who u mean" and im like steph, hhh and Vince

    This is the moment im slapped with something ive ignored

    The man basically calls me dumb and says steph is the BIGGEST Daniel Bryan Mark in the WWE.

    First I got hard because now hes startin to show his true colours (turns out hes really into it)

    He made some good ass points. He said that him and her really connected last year helping that kid that eventually passed. I then say what does that have to do with anything.

    Well school was in session folks. He said watch the way they interact. You have Triple H keeping a straight face when the crowd chants yes, and shell just stare at the crowd and smile. UMMMM Okay

    I then say a few things about how I dont think she hates him by any means but I dont think she thinks of him as a top guy

    Then all the sudden he drops a bombshell on me that I was honestly too big of a mark to see

    He goes " This bitch comes out of retirement to fight his wife to keep dat *igg* relevant. I was honestly shook

    Stephanie fuckin Mcmahon is a Daniel Bryan mark.
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  2. Daniel Bryan is shorter than Steph when she wears heels.
    Steph has always aligned herself with the smallish wrestlers from Kurt Angle to Chris Jericho.
    Short wrestlers tend to be more 'feisty' or 'fiery' than their taller counterparts.
    I'm guessing she enjoys working with those more energetic workers because its fun for her.

    It isn't far-fetched that small wrestlers may have an inferiority complex to prove they belong. Steph may see these guys as pet projects or, otherwise, simply 'likes' these individuals.

    In no way am I implying anything romantic, just that she 'likes' the shorter wrestlers and enjoys their company.
  3. Yo DB you ain't in the hall of fame nigga where yo bitch she with The Game nigga
  4. All my savages know what's up. (Relax I'm NA)
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    She's been slippin up lately givin DBRY dat look lol. JK, I just think she's the one pulling for him. HHH has Seth. Vince picks Reigns, and Steph being the beautifully hearted person she is chooses to work the majority of Daniels segments with him. I didnt even look at it that way until I was told to. Pretty sweet.
  6. Pipebomb!

    Hi, CM Punk.
  7. I think a lot of it has to do with how much she loves playing the villain and the antagonist, and since Daniel Bryan is currently the most beloved superstar on the roster, that makes him the best person to play off of at the present time.

    It's obvious that all of the McMahons adore Daniel Bryan and take him serious as a competitor and superstar, they just don't see him as the successor to Cena or the man they want to beat Brock Lesnar before he leaves for the UFC again. Despite a couple controversial decisions made along the way, no one can look at his booking and what he's accomplished thus far and say that they're not somewhat fond of him. He would have been Zack Ryder'd a long time ago if they weren't fans of him.
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