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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. OMG, she looks like she's another person...
  3. It's really over Photoshopped. Especially her face and skin tone.
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  4. I love how her right arm looks like two arms put together.
  5. Needs more airbrushing.
  6. I'd still hit it though [​IMG]
  7. Yuck. Her head looks like it's been attached to someone else's body. And women with any signs of muscle are not appealing to me.
  8. Too intimidating for you?
  9. disgusting as much as shes "hot" well she was in the 90s... lol
  10. lol Intimidated by a woman?

    They're not attractive. Women don't look good with muscles. Female body builders are disgusting.
  11. She doesn't look muscular, "she" looks starved and disgusting.
    If it's really her, which it's probably not
  12. You said "any sign of muscle". A far cry from female body builders. Steph does not look like a body builder lmfao.
  13. She's toned, she's in no way too big muscularly for a woman. I agree with you on women such as Chyna or Asya, but not Steph.
  14. And this pic isn't exactly attractive and it's for a body building magazine so excuse me for also bringing up the muscles.
  15. This pic is highly unattractive but not because of anything muscle related.
  16. women are suppose to be attractive; in the words of (Jack-Wild Hogs) "Not This!"
  17. Ok. She's still in a workout pose so to speak and it's for a body building magazine and in the process of trying to gain muscles so I brought it up. Women might gaga over seeing men sweating and working out but I don't see the same with women. On top of that, her head and body look like they're coming from two different people.
  18. The photo is incredibly goofy looking. For starters it looks like she has a spotty farmer's tan going on, which I'm fairly certain isn't the actual case.
  19. It looks like 3 pictures crammed together and airbrushed. She is working out with a victorias secret commercial style face job.

    That being said, sure ill hit it.
  20. Disgusting. Though she's not actually like that, so I'd still tap it. Too much editing in this picture.
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