Steph wears the pants

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  1. :phew: Sweet lordie, Stephanie McMahon in this entire storyline is fucking scary, yet you can feel the power of her authority(serious) even from home. Just like last night, when she got in the face of Randy Orton, yelling at him, not screaming, but full blast yelling at him and getting in his face. She fucking slammed his ass to the ground too, basically saying he needs to grow a pair of balls or he doesn't get the WWE championship. I know tons of people are enjoying her, I just wanted to make a thread complementing her about last night segment. Despite the botch line with "remorse", she did a pretty damn good job of burying Orton's current character :obama:
  2. She might be the next GOAT corporate heel if this keeps up. I'll agree that she is outshining Hunter by more than a country mile.
  3. Turns me on tbh :gusta:
  4. Thought she was fairly unintimidating when she got in Orton's face.
  5. Def a good performance. I bet shes a beast between the sheets, lol.
  6. HHH: 12 inches aint enough Steph, I need 15!
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  7. Use the sledgehammer Steph!
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  8. Gimme some links so I can watch this, and possibly fap, please?
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  10. :damn:That first HEY was friggin scary
  11. You won't fat to Steph because you'll fap to this:

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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. It just shows Stephanie is the master and HHH is the bitch
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