Stephanie at the Gym

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Extraterrestrial, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. "@StephMcMahon @DeFrancosGym single leg burpee w push-up #gladitsnotme #onebadmama"



    I bet she's a fucking beast in bed. :gusta:
  2. They probably just dry hump in their wrestling attire.
  3. :hmm: Maybe HHH and Steph have gym sex....
  4. So many smilie fails.

    But... :damn:
  5. Would be the best 12 seconds of my life
  6. She can get it.
  7. And she loves anal sex (she admitted that, I have the video to prove it)
  8. Show video.

  9. Full video
  10. What year was this? It's on E!
  11. Don't really know when's this but she said it.
  12. Okay. Btw, you remind me of the user Vince McMahon. He's Matt now.
  13. Why do I remind Matt?
  14. You look like him.
  15. Lol'd
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  17. You've never seen Matt if he looks like Nano..

    Also, on that video she is uncomfortable as fuck. It's plainly obvious she's going along with it just so he wont ask more questions. Seen that video before.
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