Stephanie bleeping McMahon

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. I don't really like cursing in titles, so I censored myself, but goddamn, Steph is da baddest bitch! First off, she still looks banging as fuck. *kisses fingers like Italian chef* MWAAAAAAW. perfection.

    Anyhow, her promo so so ruthless. I was marking like a little bitch. First off she was towering over DB in those heels, than she calls him out for being 5'8 and tells him he is a B+. My reaction was like:


    I love her so much.
  2. we can't all be supermodels :terry:
  3. Yeah, she was fucking great.

    Lol'd @ Vince's face when she hugged Orton :cole:
  4. ::emoji_stuck_out_tongue:umps fist:: solid B plus!
  5. Yeah Stephanie was terrific tonight. I hope we get to see her featured individually a lot more in this feud.
  6. Steph is such an amazing heel. Some of the best mic work of 2013 in the opening segment from her.

  7. I agree! She's very passive aggressive and it works wonderfully. She's an awesome heel :obama:
  8. You watching RAW now?
  9. yea
  10. I love me some heel Steph. Her promo was MUCH better than HHH's.
  11. Stephanie McMahon's promo was incredible. I much preferred her promo over Triple H's and Randy Orton's, so well done Stephanie.
  12. What was the deal with Orton and Steph as it must have been round the time I wasn't watching often as I didn't get the reference or meaning behind the hug being a big deal? Is it a backstage real life deal? Or is it just from when Orton punted her?
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