Stephanie McMahon Excited About RAW Going Three-Hours, Discusses Fan Involvement

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, May 21, 2012.

  2. Did she specify anything? Do the fans get to decide one thing every show or is there more fan involvement? The fans getting to vote on one match they want to see each week before every RAW could actually work. Fans voting on multiple things per show could become more hard to manage.
  3. Here's the full interview from IGN:
  4. Eh, really not digging this interactive thing.
  5. Why not? :upset:
  6. Kind of ruins the whole booking/writing perspective IMO. Guess that's Vince saying creative sucks so lets have our fans start the feuds.
  7. Plus, some find it hard to believe that fans actually get to choose anything, as if we're expected to believe that WWE doesn't already know which stipulation or kind of match it wants to do.
  8. Well it won't all be fans. They'll say "A) B) or C)?" but it's lame. I like the idea of it being random or created by the GM.
  9. I'll wait and see what this new interactivity is all about, I'm still not sure whether it'll be good or bad.
  10. If she is it can't be good!

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