Stephanie McMahon talks Anal

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Extraterrestrial, Dec 4, 2012.

  2. "Did you use a strap-on on Stone Cold Steve Austin?"

    That line made me laugh so much more than it should've.

    But I like how the pornstar is preaching about respect.
  3. I nearly shit myself laughing when they cut do Dave Chappelle after asking Stephanie about anal.

    talk about random

    this shit is hilarious

    "Dave Chappelle does your wife have any pubic hair?"

    "Man, that's a secret"
  4. Well shit, I read the thread title as "Stephanie Mcmahon takes Anal".
  5. Don't get my hopes up. :upset:
  6. I remember seeing this. She was like 45 min late for the show and Howard Stern was burning her before she got there.
  7. They should've asked her to ride the Sybian
  8. One day her kids are going to watch this and they're going to be so emotionally disturbed. Even better, they should play this during the BA Star promos.
  9. She is awesome.
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