News Stephanie upset with Dusty

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 3, 2013.

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  2. lol Steph be mad. Isn't she still holding a grudge with Heyman for shaking her hand "the wrong way" the first time they met or something like that?
  3. Fuck you, Steph, for making me lower my opinion of you when I backed you up so much in a debate with Crayo. Who the hell gets thrown off by a facepalm?
  4. Steph McMahon that's who!

  5. You guys are some cuckling hens lol. Your little dirtsheet sewing circle is hilarious.
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  6. :facepalm:

    Betcha didn't see that coming :jeritroll:
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  7. Sounds pretty silly she'd be offended by that.
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  8. Steph can be mad all she wants. She's not going to do anything to Dusty Rhodes.
  9. Not sure why she would be mad about this lol. Creativity and improvisation makes the show more real and alluring when some of it is off-script. She should be able to deal with anything unexpected that happens during a show to create the best product.
  10. lmfao. Go Dusty.
  11. Duthy Rhodetttthhhhh ith a legeeeeend.
  12. Heyman saying she could "fuck off" when they worked together as part of Smackdown creative in 2002-2004 probably offended her more.

    Too many stories paint Stephanie as too much of a "daddy's little girl" who is used to having everything her own way, so stories like these very much please me.
  13. Some random douchebag made up a story and posted it on a website, so it must be the truth.
  14. That bitch deserved the hand to the face
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  15. BLFFL tell 'em!
  16. Actually glad he did it. I thought it was scripted tbh, but it's better to know it wasn't. Dusty>

  17. Script ?!?!? Wadda ya mean 'script ?!?!?!' Isn't this umm.. "REAL LIFE?" PS: **Still** waiting for Big Show to toss Steph head first into a dumpster, so all we see are her feet swinging back and forth<g.>
  18. Doubt this story is legit.

    If it is, she needs to go back behind the camera and stay off the air. Everybody in wrestling knows that the script is fluid to a certain point, especially when it comes to the way promos are worked. For her to get thrown off (or pissed off) because Dusty put his hand in her face during a promo would be the height of unprofessional...on her part. You see how HHH reacted to it. I have no idea if he knew it was going to happen or not, which is the way it's supposed to be.

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