Stepping into the ring.....

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Breadrun, Sep 5, 2015.

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  1. And..........stepping into the ring, weighing in at an almighty 322 pounds and standing a
    moderately gigantic 6ft6 in height, he's mean, he's ginger? And he has a beard? It must be the unstoppable "bbbbbbbbreadrunnnnnner"! The only connection he has to bread is the fact that when he gets you in the ring he will turn your face to dough and he is like butter because he's on a roll!

    Residing in a quiet little town in the UK just down the road from where the supreme diva that is known as PAIGE was created, 28 years of age and probably older both mentally and physically, his words will raise you up and captivate you until the anger that is within bellows out and with his war cry you will fall like a leaf in autumn to never enter the ring the same person you stepped in because if you want to make get dead! Hoorah!

    Anyways hope you enjoyed that,mo sure did lmao

    Most of what I said was true........just emphasised.....a bit like's not all faction right?
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  2. Welcome again! :titus:
    I'm from the UK too.
  3. Cheers mate, what part of the UK?
  4. The boring county of Wiltshire, how about you?
  5. Haha at least they got ham right? Well I'm originally from London but now live in Lowestoft,Suffolk.......the most easterly point haha
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  6. Yo, welcome... Again! This is a cool place and I hope you enjoy your stay here, mate.
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