Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, Mar 10, 2014.

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  1. Why are people so lilly livered with them, most are true.

    most women put on weight quickly, most lesbians have short hair, and most people love a pint down the local boozer.

    people need to relaise one thing, most stereotypes are true
  2. Don't forget Jews being jews.
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  3. the stupidest one is when people moan about women doing the ironing

    its true that most women do the ironing, whats the bloody problem
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  4. You been necking pints in boozer again ladddd?
  5. not for a while, have gotten on pub watch as i got a bit too wrecked last time

    the women were loving it lad, could have got a shag if i had the confidence
  6. Stereotyopes are funny cause they're true
  7. exactly

    dont know why female wrestling fans get so defensive about there stereotype, its true
  8. What, the chunky stereotype? Beats me if its true, I don't know many female fans in person. They have had some decent looking ones in the crowd sometimes though.
  9. Randy Orton fans always being horny desperate women is a stereotype I've heard :emoji_wink:
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  10. I love stereotypes because they save lives.....
  11. go on....
  12. I heard potato chips are made out of potatoes. Could be a stereotype, though.
  13. the stereotype for Orton fans is that they are usually smart as fuck, and in to great bands like Nin

    They see through the bullshit, and the ziegheist, and are pretty jaded and not a lilly livered ****
  14. They drown in pussy also.
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  15. Orton fans are usually pricks who can't back up their arguments sometimes. Look at about 40% of the IWC.
  16. pussy want them, oh how they want them
    No need to bring personal feelings into the thread
  17. Says the one who bases his stereotype of Orton fans off of his own personal likes. That hypocrisy.
  18. whatever sugar thighs
  19. Tgmiveld would defo enjoy seeing you in action drinking beer and wooing the ladies. I imagine it'd be a truly magical night.
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