Steroid use & CM Punk

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Vince McMahon, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. Now I know that Steroid Use and the WWE program on this is all completely controversial and I appreciate that each person may have completely different views on this. However, I saw somewhere on a youtube video that the only person in WWE who hasn't actually used steroids is CM Punk. I was watching WWE earlier and realised that you can actually tell. He's not a small guy but the way he is built just looks completely different to the others. I appreciate that people will disagree with me and may feel that he just doesn't 'bulk' as much as the other wrestlers. But if its true and he's the only guy in WWE who hasn't touched steroids, its pretty obvious. Has anyone else noticed this / any arguments against it? Really interested in your inputs..
  2. Daniel Bryan has never used a performance enhancer or drug in his life. And using steroids is an offence in the WWE since 2007 and the Benoit tragedy.
  3. I doubt Punk uses them, but just because a guy is smaller doesn't disqualify him from taking steroids. Mysterio tested positive for steroids (twice, I think) whereas guys much bigger than him, which is pretty much everyone, didn't and still haven't.
  4. I think Punk's only addiction is caffeine. Hence, why he looks like he uses drugs. He just doesn't sleep enough.
    I highly doubt he used steroids as its against the company policy. I believe they can fire you on the spot for even use of natural enhancements.
    Rey got fined and suspended for weight loss pills so I highly doubt any wrestler under contract does anything outside of pain killers, which
    are legally subscribed to them by doctors. Its actually a common thing for wrestlers to become addicted to pain killers now a days.
  5. Looks to me like Punk is a smoker, don't know if that goes with or against straight edge cause its technically not a drug. The colour of his teeth and his eyes seem like he smokes. No to steroids though IMO.
  6. Just because Punk is a skinny fatass doesn't mean he's the only one who doesn't use them. He doesn't, but I'm sure there are others who also don't.
  7. I think one of those times the doctor had prescribed it for mysterio's knee and because he didn't tell WWE about it before hand he was suspended.
  8. It obvious he doesn't use steroids... The man doesn't have a single muscle in his entire body lol
  9. I actually thought this at one point. I think it is from excess coffee and redbull though. Caffeine, in any form will stain your teeth worse then cigarets. And nicotine is a drug. lol Really, anything that can be an addiction is a drug. Like food is a drug to certain people. Its a tough call. Either way, nicotine is considered a very addictive drug.
  10. I don't think Bryan Danielson has ever touched the stuff. I think he is much like punk, in the essence, he doesn't drink or do drugs.
  11. D-Bry > Drugs :yes:
  12. WTF? ^
    Maple Story is so '06, get outta hurr.
  13. I think you'll be quite surprised how buff he is when you see him in real life.
  14. He was pretty big when he first came in, then I guess he just stopped.

  15. I think Phil could use some of that Lance juice himself.

    Or at least buy a freakin can of creatin every once in a while.
  16. CM Punk really is straight edged he has never done drugs
  17. Agreed.

    Do get more definition he could use some.. As a champ, you should look well imo.
  18. I don't think CM Punk has ever used steroids. From being straight edge (as well as seeming like he's obsessed with his job) I don't think he has any motivation to do them. Britanica made a good point about the caffeine and I'm sure he has to find some way to keep himself pumped so he can stay up and keep working all the time.
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