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Jul 24, 2013
During a recent installment of the Stone Cold Podcast, Steve Austin talked about Samoa Joe and mentioned that he would put him in the main event of WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar if he had influence on the WWE booking committee.

“If I was booking WWE or if I had influence on the booking of WWE, or whatever, my Wrestlemania main event would be Joe and Brock and I would build it and by the time we got there, people would be going crazy to see it.”

Austin also talked about Nakamura being brought up to the main roster and criticized WWE for booking him like he’s just another Joe Blow.

“You bring him over and he’s going 30-minute broadways with half the damn roster. Debuted down there in WrestleMania 32, NXT, with Sami Zayn, hell of a match. Hell of a match! A lot of credit to Sami Zayn and Shinsuke, but here’s ‘The King Of Strong Style’ and all-of-a-sudden, he comes in and he’s working Dolph [Ziggler] and it took him a long time to finish off Dolph for ‘The King Of Strong Style’. Do you understand where I’m going with this gimmick? That’s booking though. What is the plan? You’ve got this guy who’s one of those talents that just don’t come around every single day. He’s special. He comes in and you treat him like he’s another Joe Blow.”

You can listen to the complete podcast here.

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