Steve Austin & Edge's injuries

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sooo Kia, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. Is there a difference between Steve's injury and Edge's injury? If there isn't, is it just a matter of time until Edge can go one last time? I personally don't want 2 C Edge hurt, but Steve seems really open 2 it. Is it becuz Austin is so much bigger than Edge is? Do any of u have any insight in2 this?
  2. I'm not sure. I know Edge's injury was simply "continue to wrestle and you won't be able to walk" so I'm guessing we'll never, ever see Edge wrestle again.
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  4. Austin broke his neck while having a piledriver from Owen Hart, not sure if Edge has broke his neck..
  5. Thing is Edge neck didn't heal completely correctly. His vertebrae became thinner then they are suppose to be. Austin runs the same risk but not near the same extent as Edge.
  6. Edge will NEVER be cleared to wrestle again, EVER.

    Austin chose to retire because his neck was hurting. He could be cleared again, the current rumour is SCSA/Punk at Mania '29.
  7. I read from reports that both Steve and Edge's neck vertebra had narrowed significantly. I understood that 2 mean that a bad landing could snap repaired fusion. Steve's rested 4 quite a bit and spends much of his time lifting weights. I guess I'm wondering if Edge was the workout warrior Steve is he'd have chance if he really wanted 2. *Sigh* Somehow, Edge just seems 2 delicate 4 it
  8. I think it also comes down to if they are up for it. Are they willing to risk it.
  9. Edge is playing it smart by staying away as I hope Austin does. Sure he could get clearance but is it worth it? Look at Misawa's death as an example of why you shouldn't mess with these things. Plus Austin has given the muscle surrounding time to recover which may play a part I don't know the severity of his beyond he had fusion in 99.
  10. I'm not sure Edge will ever get a clearance. They literally told him if you continue to wrestle you won't be able to walk.
  11. There's that other guy, whom I can't remember whose neck was very bad. I don't see him much anymore. He used 2 brag about it all the time. I wonder what happened 2 him
  12. Kurt Angle, he's in TNA.

  14. Thatz him. It has 2 b considering I used 2 watch tape on him. But thatz a whole nother can o worms altogether
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  16. Shouldn't that be "A BROKEN FREAKIN' NECK!!!!" :angle:

    And, in response to the thread starter, I think the problem was Edge's injury leading to some nerve degeneration. That's a problem that Steve hasn't had, so far as I know.

  17. Thank u Wacokid27
  18. Tazz screwed his neck in ECW also broken.

    There was a few when Tombstone Piledriver's were a fully accepted move by a lot of stars.
  19. ^ Useless..
  20. Lol at the Angle head.

    I was so sorry to see Edge retire, his retirement speech on the TV shows was enough to give me goosebumps. I've always loved Edge, he had a great look, great charisma and was a solid guy in the ring. I'm sad he won't wrestle again but I'm glad he won't be silly enough to take such a huge risk.

    With Austin, the thought of him facing Punk at Wrestlemania 29 is enough to make that event sound AMAZING. Austin/Rock/Lesnar being there would make it the biggest Wrestlemania since I can remember. Again if he's up to doing it once then it would be great as a fan but if it's a big risk then he shouldn't do it.
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