Steve Austin Offers His Constructive Criticism Towards Roman Reigns

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Jan 31, 2015.

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  1. "Every critic I've ever had, they weren't wrestlers. Every wrestler I've ever had critique me, they were always into my stuff and what I'm doing out there." - Roman Reigns.
  2. I agree with Austin completely, and Reigns' quote... well, that pissed me off when I first read it, because it seems as if he thinks he is completely ready but he's obviously not. WWE failed to build him up, but Reigns hasn't done anything himself to ensure us, the fans, that he is ready to main event WrestleMania with Brock Lesnar, and become the champion. IMO, Wyatt made a much better impression because he was actively throwing people out pretty much all of the time for 30 minutes before being double-teamed by Big Show and Kane while I can't really remember if Reigns elimination anyone past Big Show, Kane and Rusev.
  3. Austin ain't the only legend lending Roman some criticism.

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  4. I think Sheik created the Gohan and posted here
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  5. Ah, Sheik is always great to listen to (or read, in this case). I agree with Austin
  6. I agree with Austin 100%. It feels as if the WWE decided to say well... Let's just push this guy because he's kind of tall, good looking, family wrestled here, and looks intimidating.... That doesn't always work.

    The difference between reigns and Cena is this, Cena earned his spot at the top. He really did. You can argue if he was pushed too fast, etc... And I think he was. But the the guy is a work horse and busted his ass to make it to wrestlemania. Reigns works hard, sure, but he was literally handed the spot not because of his hard work, great ability, or awesome mic skills... It was because of the reasons listed above... And that's it.

    Cena is much better on the mic than reigns, too. This does play a factor. Cena could and still can work a crowd. Sure, some of his segments may suck... But he's pretty consistent. With reigns, God knows what will happen. The best thing I've seen reigns do with a feud is his most recent one on one interview with Brock. Other than that, nothing memorable. He sucks.

    This isn't me hating on reigns, more or less, I'm stating facts: the guy needs some major work. I'm not upset with the rumble win as much as im upset with the fact that WWE didn't build this guy in the right direction first.
  7. Reigns is nearing 30 years old so concerns of his longevity shouldn't be in question.
    If he were 25, there would be a problem with maturity. At this level, I truly question and have always questioned his ability to be the babyface of that company.
    When Austin points out specific intricacies of Reigns' game that others miss and hear that Reigns is overly confident, it reeks of him being a d*ck to the industry.
    My guess is WWE/HHH know this, which is why HHH firmly stood by Rollins from the start.

    McMahon has been around for decades, but Reigns success/failure won't be on his watch and I doubt Reigns ringwork would be a concern of McMahon's anyway.
  8. Sounds to me like, like most others, Austin's criticism has little to do with Reigns and more to do with booking.

    “If you’re trying to earn the fans respect, you’re really starting in the hole because people feel like he’s being forced down their throats. He’s not ready. "

    This is not on Reigns, and really it sucks for him to be in this spot. It sucks for him that Vince is writing his fucking promos. It sucks for him that WWE booked the rumble like blind fucking idiots. It sucks for him that fans in 2015 are so worried about petty shit. Sometimes the more WWE wants you to succeed, the worse they make it. Case and point as I've said 1,000 times: ADR. Rollins is an exception because clearly his relationship with HHH is more than just on screen, he is handling most of Rollins' booking personally, or at least overseeing it, similar to Reigns and Vince.

    If Vince had Rollins as his golden boy and HHH had Reigns, fans perception would likely be 180 from where they are now. That's life, Reigns will make do and come out better for it. Nothing that's been said about Reigns wasn't said about Rock in 1996/7.
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  9. Objectively speaking, Austin is coming from the school of 'taking the bull by the horns', which worked well for him.
    Austin had no choice as he had never been booked to in the same capacity as Reigns.
    Reigns isn't doing more than Vince is asking, nor is he going to refuse Vince's advice. Why should he?
    Vince likes guys who have a pair (i.e Austin and Punk), but why do more than you have to because smarks say you should.

    Lesnar only works a handful of shows. He's been afforded a luxury and Reigns is the same. 'Don't hate the player, hate the game'. We're roasting this dude for being afforded the american dream of success.

    If McMahon told you to do A and B, why would you bother with C, D or E? Regardless of my personal opinion, Reigns has one voice in his ear and that is chairman of the company.
  10. Honestly I don't get the sudden hate to Reigns. I get that the booing was more against DB/DZ/Dean/Wyatt being eliminated the way they were but I just don't see why people are hating on Reigns now.

    He's always been sub par on the mic with about 3 moves. Nothing's changed. So it kinda baffles me the same people who boo'd batista for eliminating Reigns, boos Reigns for winning. I never liked the guy but don't think he deserves this hate, I am pretty sure ANY superstar given the opportunity he is given would gladly take it.

    I understood the hate towards a part timer like Batista coming back, not being able to stay in the ring without being put on a ventilator getting hate for winning the rumble (not his fault but I get it). But Reigns isn't a part timer, only time he has had off was during his injury.

    Again, he's sub par on the mic, really boring to watch IMO, but that's always been the case! you just didn't see it that much in shield because of the other two (like SCSA pointed out)
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  11. I agree with Austin, but don't doubt the reaction from Reigns. He has Rock in his ear, and i'm sure upper management is telling him how great he is doing. He doesn't read here, or any other place, and I doubt he thinks he is doing worse because people like Ambrose don't need the script thrown at him.

    Austin had to work a ton for it, and Reigns has worked but is clearly in the position for it. He will be another Batista, or anyone that big you want to compare him to.
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