Steve Austin's favourite WWE diva is............

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. A fan tweeted Steve Austin a question asking who his favourite WWE diva is and heres his reply

    Steve Austin ? @steveaustinBSR
    @K2BlankN1MDFan @RealKellyKelly She's my fave Diva. Super nice young lady. Keeps improving in the ring. Very easy on the eyes.

    ^^^^^ Kelly Kelly is his favourite WWE diva!!!!! just shows an icon like Steve Austin sees potential in Kelly Kelly and also knows what a nice lady she is. I am so happy to find this out :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Thanks. This gives Sandy Ravage another chance to flame us :emoji_slight_frown:.

    Fuck Smelly Kelly.
  3. Austin was most likely drunk typing that :otunga: He obviously meant Rosa
  5. Stone cold got his bell rung several times and has beer goggles on!!!

    "sees talent in her..." for porn maybe



    Dude.... Just stop. This case closed stuff is as over as bigger Robbie on impact

  6. You obsession with that stupid skank has quickly become the most annoying thing on this forum. Seriously fuck off. Glad you like her, nobody else here does besides A.M. and Sandy Ravage
  7. My cousin could out wrestle KK. And she's five.

  9. Remember when female wrestlers were relevant?

    Neither do I!

  10. Re: RE: Steve Austin's favourite WWE diva is............

    He didn't break any rules Randy so he's free to continue posting as he is.

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  11. @sandy ravage...


  12. I'm not a fan of Kelly, but considering today's divas division, she ends up being average, I don't really mind her being around.
  13. I can't stand these divas nowadays.

    We want wrestling!
    Not these girls wearing nothing and having pin roll ups that has their asses in the air................

    Wait a minute!

  14. [​IMG][
  15. Nobody tops Lita. FACT
    Current best is either Natalya or Beth. I'm leaning more towards Naty because any Diva that rocks a submission finisher is awesome in my book
  16. Either he knows more about WWE than all of us combined... so maybe he knows what Creative sees in her. Maybe he just doesn't care about the diva's division and is just throwing random shit out there. Maybe he's just trying to get her over. Maybe he remembers when the matches themselves were loaded with sexual innuendo and knows Kelly's good for that. Maybe he loves her very skimpy ring attire. Or, maybe he's trying to get her... um... wearing less.

    We know he can't defend her in the ring, that just can't be done. Kelly sucks. She's not attractive at all, has no personality since PG stole her gimmick, and is nowhere near competent in the ring. Get her off TV.

  17. Plus she smells bad. Laycool said so, and they would never have lied to us.
  18. As far as im concerned get rid of all the Divas except Eve, Naty, Beth, and Kharma. The rest suck and serve no purpose other than eye candy, which isn't even working because they are 6s at best. Rosa is the only worthless diva thats a solid 8 or 9
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  19. Kelly Kelly is annoying, she can't wrestle. Eve is way better than Kelly in my honest opinion.
  20. Steve Austin knows talent when he sees it plus he knows what it takes to be a star in this wrestling business and to be a fan favourite and Kelly Kelly has all that. If Kelly Kelly was given more time in the ring on Raw then she could prove to you all that she can do alot more wrestling and show what a great womans wrestler she is. Austin probably has seen her train in the ring off camera so he knows what she is like. Just deal with this fact that she is his favourtie diva
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