Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

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  2. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL seen this vid b4 :haha:
  3. Linux won.
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  4. Android won.
  5. Love these :haha: they are funny as hell especially the vadar vs hitler one they did before
  6. Vader vs Hitler was so epic.. I really got excited about this series.. but nothing has ever come close to the original (I think it was the first one_
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  7. The original was better. Part 2 was funny, but not as good.
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  8. Super Mario brothers vs Wright Brothers has, that was awesome. So was this.
  9. this was good, but vader/yoda/hitler was better. they should do a "al pachino vs denzel washington, scarface vs any or all the characters denzel played in gangster movies."
  10. They were aight, but nowhere near Vader/HItler
  11. Darth Vadar vs Hitler(Part 1 &2)
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    Mario bros vs Wright Bros
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