Steve Lombardi aka The Brooklyn Brawler for the Hall of Fame

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by RC Towers, Feb 23, 2014.

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  1. Now, I know that many people who read this will consider me crazy in considering Steve Lombardi as a potential Hall of Famer, but here me out.
    Although Steve Lombardi was a "jobber", was always beaten down, but he made so many superstars look good.
    Steve did his "work" without complaining, and in all honesty, was an excellent wrestler. Throughout the 80s and 90s, Steve performed great without messing up in his "work", without having issues with losing all the time, and without gaining any recognition that he deserves.
    To me, the Hall of Fame of Professional Wrestling, along with WWE Hall of Fame, should include those who performed Exceptionally throughout their careers, including the "jobbers", and to me there are only 2 Best Jobbers in all of Professional Wrestling and they are Steve Lombardi and Barry Harowitz. Although they never got a push, they both worked their butts off, making other Superstars look good and there is no better Jobber than Steve Lombardi, aka, Brooklyn Brawler.

    Most of you may think I am crazy or stupid to consider a "jobber" to be in the HOF, but I give credit where credit is due.
    The impact that Steve Lombardi had on WWE in the 80s and 90s shouldn't go unnoticed. He wasn't a champion, he wasn't the "mack daddy", but he always put on a show, and all his performances inside the ring was flawless, even though he was a brawler, all his matches was without mistakes and/or mishaps.

    So this is my way of Recognizing Steve Lombardi as being the Greatest Jobber that the world of professional wrestling has ever seen and perhaps will ever see.
    This is my way of saying that Steve Lombardi should be the First Jobber inductee into WWE hall of fame.
    Steve Lombardi aka Brooklyn Brawler made all of his opponents look good.
    My heart goes out to you Brotha Steve, thanks for being professional and doing your best in giving us some of the best wrestling matches.
  2. Even if trolling I agree he deserves a spot.
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  3. What about The Goon?
  4. JTG must be in the hall of fame then for jobbing.
  5. Brooklyn Brawler is the most legendary jobber of all time and unlike any other jobbers that I know of, he actually scored a victory over a world champion at one point (I remember reading in an old PWI magazine back in the day that he beat Michaels via a roll up on a house show sometime in late '97/early '98.) He deserves to go in as much as someone like Koko B. Ware does.
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  6. Absolutely! Brawler deserves to be in the HOF. He is a jobbing legend of the business. I'm not sure about the above mentioned victory against HBK but I do remember he pinned Triple H in a 3-on-1 match where Brawler teamed with Kai En Tai.
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  7. Brian Pillman, deserves for contributing greatly in the direction WWE took in 1996-1997 his character was their outlet of crazy!
  8. Thanks to those who responded to this thread. And in all honesty, I am not trolling, I'm just being real considering the fact that wrestling nowadays has gone by the wayside. I'm just giving credit where credit is due. Steve Lombardi is no Koko B. Ware (also deserves HOF) and he isn't well known as other mainstream wrestlers, but to be honest, there are few wrestlers nowadays who can be flawless and give the audience a show like Steve Lombardi. Mr. Lombardi did his work and he did it Professionally Well! Only certain characters get a push, just for their looks, or their "talk", and usually never for their wrestling skills....I mean look at Roddy Piper (my favorite wrestler) who had exceptional talking and wrestling skills but never became a wwe champion or world heavyweight champion. I just created this thread in the light that others (those who are Legends in Wrestling forums), take consideration in pushing in inducting perhaps the greatest professional "jobber" there will ever be, Steve Lombardi. Considering there are no such things as "jobbers" anymore....the Brooklyn Brawler deserves the opportunity to be considered a HOF professional wrestler. That's it.....ya know. Much Respect and Honor to all wrestlers and wrestling fans.
  9. Job of Fame....would suit him nicely
  10. I understand he greatest jobber of all time and all but with said can you REALLY put a jobber in the wwe hof?
  11. If Koko B Ware can go in, then the Brawler can.

    The HOF is for people who worked hard for the WWE + celebrities. And Brawler is one of the hardest working people to ever work for them.
  12. I don't see the Brawler going in this year.... but if we ever have Mania in New York at the Madison Square Garden if possible.... he'll definitely go in.
  13. What Stop said. Plus, it's not even a real HOF anyway. There's more than just a few people who are in there already who I seriously doubt would ever go in if the Hall Of Fame were not an annual thing. And at least Brooklyn Brawler can claim to be the most legendary/greatest of something. What can Koko B. Ware claim?
  14. Greatest of bringing in a bird to the ring....Oh wait, Undertaker had a fucking vulture.
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