Stevie Johnson tweet- lol?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. I shouldn't have found this as funny as I did. I think I'm laughing at how dumb he has to be to actually hit send on this

  2. :dafuq:

    The sad part about this will be when all the public backlash on Twatter and ESPN crybabies beg for the Bills to punish him because of this, then they do.

    It's an obvious innocent joke. Really stupid, but harmless joke. Fuck your PG era and just let an idiot dig his own grave.
  3. I don't even particularly get it but I found it hilarious.
  4. Stevie Johnson plays for the Bills. Foxboro, Mass is home of the New England Patriots, the best team in the division the Bills are in. They are rivals

    basically he was (in jest) suggesting North Korea bombs the Patriots so he can have a more successful NFL career lol
  5. Yea I like Stevie and he was clearly joking around.. but damn dude you gotta be pretty dumb to actually send that tweet. Unless he was just sitting around bored with his friends like "hey, bet I can be everywhere on the Internet in 15 minutes. Watch this"
  6. I mentioned this in another thread, but this is once again going to be blown out of proportion due to the fact everything is taken too seriously these days. It's obvious it's a joke and not at all malicious. He even prefaced it by saying war is nothing to be played with. Did he need to add a "jk" to the end too. What ever happened to free speech? Especially on the interwebs.
  7. It is the medias job to blow it up though, and surely Stevie knows that. I agree it is harmless and a joke, but he had to know this wasn't going to fly under the radar when he hit send.
  8. Hahha nice.
    I agree with DZ though, he should have known better. ESPN is going to be all over this guy.
  9. lol Stevie i'm weak.
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