Still sad they took the mask off of Zayn?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Sep 12, 2013.

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  1. When it was revealed that the former generic luchador would be working in the WWE without a mask I remember there being quite a bit of sads and hates, both on here and on the rest of the internet. A lot of people saying that the WWE was killing him and so forth. Now a couple of months in, have your fears been quelled?

    Zayn has been on NXT TV for a couple of weeks now and has quickly solidified himself as a focal point of the show and a star. He is very over with the NXT crowd, both the casuals and the smarks it seems and has been pulling good-great matches out of his ass since arriving, having 3 of the best matches in this incarnation of NXT's history. But what I think surprised a lot of people (myself included) is the quality of his mic work, since Generico never really spoke much before.

    Do you still think that removing the mask was a wrong move? Will it still hamper Zayn or is his future bright in the E? All of you who were afraid beforehand, have your fears been quelled?
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  2. Wrong move. Zayn could've been their new Mysterio easily.
  3. Del Sol will do that. Zayn will be a big star without the mask.
  4. Hopefully. I really want them and Sami to be big stars, deservedly.
  5. You seen any of Zayn's NXT work apart from the Cesaro matches I recommended? Him and Swagger had a really good match last week. And his mic work has been surprisingly good. Dude has such chemistry.
  6. When they did it I was more pissed off about the fact they just change people's gimmicks just so they do stuff WWE came up with on screen in general than with Zayn specifically as a talent, so not really (plus I had never seen much Generico).
  7. Better without it, He has the same talent, Can now cut proper promos, His facial expressions are great and the guy is sweating charisma.
  8. I admit I was one of those raging that they had him remove his mask but after seeing recent weeks I have changed it... WOW I never knew the guy has mic skills like that... I hope they treat him well.
  9. I wasn't trembling when I heard they were going to remove his mask at first, but now I'm somewhat glad they did.
    His in-ring work is still the same and he can cut fairly good promos.
  10. Only saw that 2/3 falls Claudio match (which is an awesome match, yet overrated by the dumb IWC).

    Post some links, clips, I'm all for it.
  11. Isnt El Generico taking care of his orphans?
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  12. Was the right move. He can be a bigger star without a mask, and he's talented enough to make that work. Nice thread.
  13. Not really, but the name still sucks dirty asshole.
  14. Absolultely not. There's plenty of guys they can stick masks on to get that Rey Mysterio-type appeal to them, they should limit them to 2-3 guys who need the masks to get over. Zayn isn't one of them, plus his facial expressions are great.
  15. I never cared about the mask that much. He's talented enough to be another character, and I believe the mask would hold him back.
  16. Yep it was the worst thing in the history of teh universe.
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