Still think UK has better internet?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Oct 8, 2012.

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  1. US has faster internet speeds than UK :otunga:


    @[Jonathan], come at me broski! :win:
  2. We suck for Internet Speeds. :lol1:
  3. ^ So do we :((
  4. Where are you from?
  5. US. Haha
  6. Just wait until Google ISP comes out and rapes us all.
  7. My mothers stomach**
  8. Because Google is the the legend of legendary.. lol
  9. Internet and technology is just crazy now a days. Someone hook me up to 1TBPS INTERNET NOW!
  10. I'll get to building. I'll send you the patent in about 150 years or so. :haha:
  11. Thanks boss.
  12. Canada has pretty shit internet.
  13. Sweden has pretty bitching internet :otunga:
  14. Does bitching mean good?
  15. It does Lacky. It does.
  16. Damn you swedes with your super fast internet, and piratebay...
  17. August 31st 2011 dated article.

    The UK is now going to be all fiber by 2020 (roughly then, can't remember the exact year)
    Most of the urban areas are now fiber, just the countryside that isn't, therefore our speed will be significantly up on yours already.

    Therefore your argument is invalid.

    Come at me bro.

  18. [​IMG]

    My new house connection... and this is from my PS3...
  19. Cornwall is the definition of country side. 2020 :why:
  20. With my phone

    Wonder why my phone is faster than my PS3.... o.o
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