Sting Arrives On

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, May 3, 2012.

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  1. That's cool but do you think there's a reason why they added him now? There were rumors that he was gonna face Undertaker at WM. Does this maybe give some kind of hint that he might face Undertaker or someone in WWE soon?
  2. I also thought it was weird for them to add him out of nowhere. Is he still with TNA?
  3. Yes he is. My God I'd love one WWE run vs Taker.
  4. One run between Sting and Taker in the WWE would be awesome. Imagine a dual final match at Wrestlemania. Stings last match before retirement vs Taker for the streak. Taker solidifies his legacy by beating Sting and both guys retire two of the greatest.
  5. Nope keep him in TNA that bar had it's last call at 27.
  6. It could be a signal, an olive branch even, that WWE and Sting (whose contract situation in TNA I have no knowledge of) are working to come to terms on a deal which would bring Sting to WWE in the next few months/shortly after the first of the year for a Mania match against Taker.

    Or, it could just be a tremendous coincidence.

  7. This really does seem interesting, just want to see whether this hints any sorts of match in the WWE against Taker or anything to do with Sting coming to the WWE in the future. I want to see him compete against The Undertaker that would be one hell of a match, in my opinion.
  8. Looks like Sting is coming to WWE
  9. I sort of agree, but can't really say I wouldn't mark out if it did wind up happening next year.
  10. Re: RE: Sting Arrives On

    I'd mark for the stare down but it would be like Brets return for me when he wrestled. Sting isn't in as bad as state as Bret but the match would hold the same feel if this makes sense. Plus I like his not working for Vince thing, its cool to see you can be an icon in the US without him.

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  11. It's not like Sting would suddenly be viewed as a guy that Vince made into a star if he wrestled one match for him though. And Sting/Taker could still put on a good brawl. It wouldn't be nearly as bad as Bret's return to WWE.
  12. Like I said I know he isn't as bad as Bret but I heard somewhere that Sting could barely remember his spots. It wouldn't be terrible but I'd rather not see it. Its still the thing of having it on his resume, it doesn't define Sting but its the icing on the cake imo.

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  13. Good for his exposure to the young, punk ass kids. :sting:
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