News Sting as RAW GM.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Cloud, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. Rumours starting to surface on a few forums and Bleacher via F4W Newsletter that Sting may not be getting put straight into a top spot and may become RAW GM instead?

    Any thoughts?

    I know he had a run as GM of TNA which was average but could this work? I for one aint a fan as where does it leave Maddox?
  2. I figured they might consider this. I can't really comment how good it would be since I barely saw any of his work as an authority figure in TNA but it certainly couldn't be any worse than having Brad Maddox (a guy I couldn't give one single solitary fuck about) as general manager, though.
  3. I hate the bullshit that comes with someone "badass and tough" being GM. They seem to get constant build towards how tough they are and how he can handle himself is superstars get in his face. Really? Then why is he a GM and not a superstar competing for titles?

    I'm simply not a fan of superstar-GM's.
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  4. Because said-GM personally prefers doing work outside of the ring instead of in it? Doesn't mean he shouldn't know how to handle himself if a physical confrontation were to occur. Even Vince himself would always make a habit of showing how he wasn't afraid of his own superstars.
  5. Your Vince comparison is completely different, so I have no idea why you randomly bring that up. I'm simply not a fan of these GM's who consistently stand up to superstars and all that stuff; it's pointless usually and takes away from other feuds. I just don't want to see some old timer - yes, I know it's Sting - out there in this badass authority role. I saw it on TNA and I hated it.
  6. Maybe Sting comes back the night after Mania or the night that the WWE Network is launching. If they do this, they better not announce his debut ahead of time.
  7. Sting as GM in TNA was pretty fun, actually. Liked it.

    They even billed him as "General Menace" sometimes, lol.
  8. Hunter, Stephanie, Brad Maddox, Kane, Vickie Guerrero, and Hogan is probably returning to host WM. That's what we need, another authority figure in WWE.
  9. Sick of authority figures in general. Can't we just have some dude walk out and make matches? Ffs. But still, Sting would be fairly cool as GM just because he can still talk asses into seats and they can capitalize on whatever star power he has in 2014, and since whoever the authority figure is HAS to be treated as the most important thing on the show, it may as well be one that can take an asswhoopin' back.
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  10. Has he signed?
  11. lol. come on
  12. Honestly imo I think Maddox has been one of the better GMs WWE has had in awhile, I really hope they don't give Sting his job..
    Screw Vickie give her a different job... that's the worst part about Friday nights... EXCUUUUUSEEEEE MEEEEEEE (in NAILS ON CHALKBOARD VOICE) Make him takeover SD and turn it into something actually worth watching, make it live.
  13. I guess I'm in the minority when I say I actually like Brad Maddox as RAW GM... I honestly don't see a place for Sting in WWE at all... maybe talent relations or some executive office.
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  14. This could be a way Sting rivalry starts with taker
  15. As much as I love Sting, I don't see it being a worthwhile situation to bring Sting in to work as Raw GM and unseat Maddox. Maddox, whatever deficiencies he may have, is actually quite good in that role, particularly in the foil he provides to the more physically-menacing authority figures of HHH and Kane. As his dissembling nature is different from Vickie's outright brown-nosing, it also provides a unique perspective in the GM role from that provided by Vickie on Smackdown.

    As for Sting, if they want to put him into an authority figure role, he would work better being installed by Vince (who apparently will be the one acting as the "anti-HHH" (I would honestly prefer someone else to Vince, but I'm not entirely sure who that could be at this moment....hell, I suppose it could be Sting), perhaps as a "Commissioner" rather than a GM, a la HBK or Foley, or even as....whatever the hell Austin called himself when he was in the "commissioner" role and his job was to come out on his 4-wheeler and give people Stunners (I want to say he called himself the Sheriff of WWE or something like that and actually wore a silver star pinned to his vest). In fact, having Sting (backed by Vince or whomever) act in a counter role to Maddox (backed by HHH, Stephanie, and Kane) really doesn't sound too bad the more I think about it.

    Honestly, though, if they're finally going to sign Sting, I just want to see him go against Undertaker at Mania. I know they're two old guys past their primes, but they're still proud and they still know how to work. Those two would work their asses off to provide a great match and I don't see how they could fail to provide something that would really be special, particularly given the amount of respect they reportedly have for one another. Whatever they do with him after that, so long as it's not putting him in the ring on a regular basis (particularly in the main event scene), I'm cool with.

  16. How can they sign Sting and NOT do Sting vs Taker?
  17. Because they need sting to drop at least a solid 30lbs before he faces anyone D'z. Stinger is a fatty atm, and you can hide it by putting him in suits for now. That works for me, I think Spot had it on point seeing him as the face of the WCW part of the network - until WM31. If you can get taker as rested and prepared as possible, and get the fat out of stinger and get him bulked up ala Trips or Kane, then hit him up next year for it. Once he goes WWE officially, it's clearly his final spot.
  18. If they signed him for this and don't use him in the ring at least a few times I will be disappointed.
  19. Pretty sure his deal will be for multiple years.
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  20. I would hope.
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