News Sting injured at NOC

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Sep 21, 2015.

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  1. Worth noting. Meltzer isn't a doctor and it takes more than a day to determine if an injury is career ending. But at Sting's age it most likely is.
  2. Well they have they perfect way to write him off tv but I guarantee he was expected to perfume at mania 32
  3. An elderly man got injured wrestling. What a huge surprise. :brock:
  4. Sucks to hear. He did look legit injured, hence why the finish to the ME was hurried.

    Hope it all ends well for him, though.
  5. It was legit? Dang, welp, he'll be written off again for a while
  6. Damn it, that sucks. I hope he's back soon enough and if he is done for real this time, he'll have had a career most can only dream of. But hey, if he comes back, I still want that Bray Wyatt feud...
  7. It definitely was legit, otherwise he prolly should've been on the Emmys accepting an award.
  8. Source

    Have a speedy recovery, Stinger!
  9. A man of remarkable health? What?
  10. Update: A neck injury has been ruled out since Sting's neck came back a-okay. So Doctors are now focusing on seeing if there is something with Sting's spine instead.
  11. did an interview with him about his injuries. Here it is: Exclusive: Sting on his injury, his condition and whether or not that was his last match
  12. High praise for Rollins damn. Cool stuff
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