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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JC4Life37, May 4, 2012.

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  1. Of the things WCW did right in the mid to late 90's, they managed to build Sting and Goldberg properly.

    With Goldberg, you've got a prototype waiting in the wings in Ryback.

    I propose giving John Cena a Crow-like gimmick so as to avoid the controversial heel turn:

    Make a super heel out of Barrett and align him with Triple H.

    The Shovel/Barrett can bury Cena, more or less, convincing fans he's lost his 'invincibility.'

    Cena takes time off and appears in a hoodie in the stands at RAW or other random events

    By doing this, Cena can appear at events w/o wrestling and still sell tickets and t-shirts under this new non-heel gimmick.

    Once Cena establish this darker Crow like gimmick he can face Taker at Mania and make it epic.
  2. The only person who should be buried alive and come back is Taker or Kane, otherwise its pretty lame
  3. Oh god, I think I'd love that. I love mysterious gimmicks like so.
  4. I did not mean literally bury him, hence, the Shovel reference
  5. I really can't imagine Cena doing a mysterious, Crow-like gimmick.
  6. I think a mysterious gimmick like that would otherwise be a good gimmick to début a superstar with. Take a guy like Rollins. Who has the looks to make the mysterious dark brooder thing work. Have him show up in backstage segments. Have some heel bury him and beat him up before his "début". Then we have Rollins stalking around in the crowd and backstage. Following the heel around and attacking him verbally and mentally with the occasional attack. Have this culminate in the ring after a couple of weeks (say a month and a half) of build. If it works WWE has created it's next dark and mysterious character.
  7. Is that so bad?

    I never imagined Miz as WWE champion, either, tbh
  8. It's hard to imagine Cena doing that, but it could work.
  9. I dont think so. I don't think its who he is inside
  10. Dean Ambrose would play that role very well. He can cut some pretty sick and sadistic promos. Im becoming a huge Dean Ambrose mark
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