News Sting may in the WWE ring?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by natasha18, Jul 21, 2014.

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  1. When I saw that video of him with the baseball bat promoting the WWE 2K15 video game I got super excited because I thought it was going to be his debut into the ring. Apparently Sting told TMZ that his contract doesn't involve him wrestling but that he wants to get a deal done that would get him in the ring.

    Keeping my fingers crossed. What do you guys think? Would Sting make a good addition to WWE?
  2. For some people, yes. There's a whole heap of people who would be over the moon if Sting was to fight since obviously, he still has a massive fanbase. Personally I wouldn't care for it- I know he technically didn't wrestle for WWE, so it would be a debut- but I'm not interested in the old talent coming back.
  3. One match at Mania 31 would be cool... regular matches every week? no thank you.

    He'd be better in a face GM or manager role.
  4. Maybe at like WM31 he can have a match, he should probably do a GM/Manager type role though, would still bring the massive following with him even if he didn't wrestle ever but just popped up on TV every so often.
  5. Too little, too late for him when it comes to wrestling a full schedule. Him performing in one match at the most (or if you're really lucky, two or three matches) is all you're gonna get.
  6. Great minds think alike... You're Welcome! :sandow:
  7. I figured he could come to put Bray Wyatt over, but if he's laying down for Jericho let's let that aside. He can stay away from the ring at this point.
  8. I'd like a few tag matches out of the guy. Taker looks through, so a tag match would be the next best thing.
    Of course I'm looking at the bright side. Truth is, Sting was never a great worker, but he's 55 years old now. Kinda cringy.
  9. Come to think of it, wouldn't Undertaker and Sting forming an alliance to compete against someone in a tag team match be awesome?
  10. I'm struggling to imagine a scenario where Sting wrestling any singles match is a good idea.
    I want to find an angle because I was a mark, but Sting just isn't a wrestler anymore. Sting is a sideshow.
    It's rather ironic since my favorite worker ever, Bret Hart, had a fantastic send off, (He really can't wrestle anymore)
    If WWE could come up with a grudge match that would suit the crow character then maybe it can pass.
    I suppose a Ric Flair grudge match could work the best, since fans still enjoy Flair and the angle could have major heat.

    Maybe I am advocating Flair/Sting, but its the only grudge match who'd make a relevant opponent for Sting.
    It isn't a popular idea, but Flair can still work and it can't be worse than Hart/Vince.
  11. nice title.
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  12. Sting vs Ric Flair.... in 2014? No, just no.

    If Sting had come to the WWE back around 2001-2004 (and I wouldn't doubt if he now wishes he would have), I'd be down with seeing one last rivalry and match between the two. But seeing two grandpas fight in 2014 wouldn't incite my interest at all except for the comedy element of it all.
  13. Point taken. I couldn't come up with anything better. Flair would carry the feud largely and WWE did wonders with the Bret Hart saga. I do agree with you. So few guys have heat with Sting to make it interesting. The only person I could call on for this would be Kane.

    Some may see me as choosing old guys when, in reality, Sting facing a younger guy would lack punch to me. This would be on the undercard for WrestleMania and ought to be somebody worth having his final match with. If I were to choose a younger opponent, it would be Luke Harper. Sting even causing Bray Wyatt physical damage doesn't seem right to me. That's my take.
  14. A couple of big matches with guys like Undertaker, Bryan would be truly great and I'd mark out for that. Imagine Bryan's first full Singles match when he comes back... against debuting Sting?!
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. That would be... Lame !!
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  17. This is the Deth I remember.
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